What Is Pearl Pay?

Pearl Pay is a new virtual money logistics system and an e-banking platform based on the blockchain technology. With the motto of “Pearl Pay, the better way”, the company intends to carve its place in the market of mobile money transfer platforms both in national as in international remittance of money.

Pearl Pay Virtual Money Logistics System Services

This company has many different services like the Pearl Pay Mobile Wallet, Pearl Pay Remit, Pearl Pay PESO, Pearl Pay Exchange and the Pearl Pay Coin. We will individually talk about each one of these products created by the company in this article.

The Pearl Pay Mobile Wallet will allow rural banks to launch their own prepaid cards that will work just like MasterCard. This way, they will be able to use their money whenever they want and how they want. This is basically the most important feature of the company because it allows anyone in any part of the world to be a part of the digital world and able to use a mobile online wallet to pay.

Pearl Pay remit will be an app that will be specially designed for Filipino workers who work overseas. This is a very common occurrence in the country and this service will allow them to send their money to the Philippines in a matter of just some minutes by what is hardly a fraction of the cost of a bank wire transfer, which is the traditional method that would be used by someone in a situation like this.

Another service the Pearl Pay PESO (Pera Express Strategic Outlet) is a product that was created to enable micro, small and medium businesses to become money remittance agents by using the software.

There is the Pearl Pay Exchange, which was created to provide a channel for ICOs. Basically, this new piece of software can be seen as a way to create crowdfunding initiatives for ICOs. The exchange can also work as a traditional cryptocurrency exchange in which you can buy and sell different types of tokens by the market prices.

Finally, there is the Pearl Pay Coin, which will power the Pearl Pay Exchange. This will be an exclusive cryptocurrency for the Pearl Pay remit account holders, it will also be used for when a company decides to launch an ICO via the platform that the company has created.

Not only Pearl Pay will act as cryptocurrency exchange and remittance for money but it will also have an API that can be used for third party services.

Pearl Pay PRLPAY Token ICO Details

The pre-sale of PRLPAY tokens starts on June 1. This phase will be over on June 19 and on the following day the main sale will begin. The main sale of the tokens will be finished on July 20, a month later.

A total of 500,000,000 PRLPAY tokens will be issued and BTC and KMD will be accepted for trades. The official price of the tokens will be 1 BTC equals 27,360 PRLPAY tokens, but you can buy 34,360 tokens during the pre-sale with this amount (a 20% discount). A total of 175,000,000 tokens will be offered during the ICO.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: PRLPAY
  • Token Pre-Sale Starts: June 1
  • Token Pre-Sale Ends: June 19
  • Token Sale Starts: June 20
  • Token Sale Ends: July 20
  • Token Price: 1 BTC = 27,360 PRLPAY
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 PRLPAY
  • Soft Cap: 25,000,000 PRLPAY
  • Hard Cap: 175,000,000 PRLPAY

The Pearl Pay Team

The company was created in the Philippines by a team of investors. The executive team of the Pearl Pay group is Sparky Perreras (Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer), Pio Ryan Lumongsod (Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Operating Officer), Adrian Ng, M.D. (Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer), Jay Masangcay (Co-Founder & Chief Legal Officer), Jerwin Operio (Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer).

The advisory board of Pearl Pay is made of John Kerr (Co-Founder & Chairman), Napoleon Catilo (Co-Founder & Chief Information Security Officer), Iannis Hanen (Co-Founder & Chief Architect), Ben Fairbank (ICO & Blockchain Advisor) and Dr. Francis Chua (Business Strategy Advisor).

The company has three main partners at this moment: Creo Software Inc, Komodo Platform and MatchMove Pte Ltd.

Pearl Pay Conclusion

This platform looks average, but it might be interesting for certain users. Filipinos, for instance, can find Pearl Pay to be a very useful platform for them, as they may enjoy the services that are being offered by the company specially for them. For the other users, though, we would say that Pearl Pay is an average investment.

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