You will be hard-pressed not to find a manufactured product that does not depend on naturally occurring resources and minerals. After all, everything we depend on is made out of minerals or relies on minerals.

And what if there was a cryptocurrency that was backed and supported by natural resources instead of perceived value as is the case with most cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin?

What Is Peblik?

Peblik is built to do just that. It is a first of its kind cryptocurrency to unlock the value of natural minerals that lie untapped underground.

Thanks to the fact that its backed by tangible and intrinsic value not to mention Peblik’s direct control of mineral deposits in Canada worth over $4 billion, holders of the Peblik token can be sure to be part of an entity set to disrupt the mining industry by the year 2023.

Peblik Natural Mineral-Backed Cryptocurrency Token Features

Although there are tangible, assets in terms of minerals and natural resources underground, with estimated worth in the range of trillions, the reality is that most of it (though tasted and proven over time to be real wealth) remains untapped in contemporary markets. This is why Peblik is built to not only unlock this value but to also make it accessible to the general public through the use of Blockchain technology.

Unlike a huge percentage of cryptocurrencies that are backed only by wishful thinking and speculation, Peblik Token is backed by natural resources with an aim of becoming the leading mineral and natural resource-based platform globally. To put it simply, the Peblik Token will be responsible for being the catalyst that will trigger the process of unlocking the value of large abandoned mineral reserves and mines that currently stay idle all across the globe.

With a 100 percent intrinsic value attached to it, not to mention a full proof security structure built to meet high standards of 3rd party security, and KYC endorsed platform, Peblik will continue to add value to its token holders since the Peblik Tokens are issued against the discounted value of the naturally occurring resources and assets. Therefore, all the proceeds from the sale of the acquired assets will be used to further advance the project and distribute profits to token holders.

Peblik ICO Details

With a pre-sale for 50 million Peblik Tokens set to kick off in the next 11 days, interested participants will be able to buy the tokens at a price of $0.15 per token with a hard cap for the token sale set at $7.5 million. According to the Peblik Road Map, there will be 4 phases to the token sale within the second quarter of 2018 with a launch of the Peblik Blockchain network set to be in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

Peblik Conclusion

For anyone who has been in the finance or public securities and mining industry, the Peblik Blockchain is clearly an innovative Blockchain startup set to be a revolutionary platform that will disrupt the mineral and natural resource mining industry.  Led by G.Matthew Rice who is the CEO and a team of open source technology advisors including Piotr Zmudki, Dr. Stewart Jackson of the Mining and Commodities team not to mention a Legal and Compliance team that includes Isaias Medina as the leading Counsel, Peblik is on a path to become a peer to peer market for unlocking value in undeveloped assets.

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