About PeerAtlas (ATLAS Token)

PeerAtlas has a revolutionary idea: to create a peer-reviewed open-source medical encyclopedia. Knowledge is something vital for the medicine to work right, so it is important that the doctors are all well informed and this company intends to do just that by using the blockchain technology.

A small number of companies uses paywalls and high subscription fees to lock medical knowledge away from the ones who do not have money. Saving lives is important, so PeerAtlas wants to share the world’s best medical library without charging the user. But how to do this?

How Does PeerAtlas Work?

This blockchain was created by American doctors who decided to change the status quo. The company will offer evidence-based support that will help in a clinical decision, medical articles from people all over the world and recent discoveries that will be more accessible.

A team of renowned doctors will edit and validate the information to create evidence that will save lives. This effort to create the world’s biggest medicine platform with many specialties has to be paid, though. But how? With donations from the users.

The company has hired some doctors to create valid information at first, but will use the future donations to pay doctors that are going to contribute to the information on this blockchain. This way, it will not need to use subscriptions, advertising, have a relationship with drug companies, manufacturers or anything that compromises the ethics of the whole system.

The qualified individuals who donate more knowledge will be rewarded and the ones who do not offer good content will have their information erased.

The PeerAtlas Team

The company was founded by Bradly Mattson, Colin Closser and Ling Wu. Mattson is a radiologist and drew his inspiration from Wikipedia. The started to code PeerAtlas in 2011 and believes that paywalls are unnecessary. Closser is a medic and Wu is a biophysical chemist. The trio was reunited in order to create the platform and bring medical information to the ones who lack it.

Tarek Siddiki works as the security advisor, Arjun Patel as full-stack as the designer, Vivek Mittal as an advisor, Rajiev Hallock as the community operator, Joe Garcia as CTO and Mike Templeman as the head of marketing.

The PeerAtlas (ATLAS Token) Crowdsale

A total of 67% of the PeerAtlas tokens will be sold in the crowdsale that will happen soon. While it does not have a certain date or a price per token, it will probably happen during 2018. 3% of the tokens will stay with the team and 30% with the foundation.

The tokens that are not sold will stay frozen for a time. 10% of the foundation tokens will be frozen for 3 months, 10% for 24 months and the rest for 48 months. The tokens of the team will stay from for 12 months.

The PeerAtlas Verdict

We perceived two main points about PeerAtlas: it is an innovative company with some great potential to help the world and it also is a huge investment risk. While the goal of the platform is, in fact, very noble, you should buy the tokens if you are thinking about donating, not investing.

Why? Because the platform will definitely need charity and it does not look like it will have a lot of money. There are fewer people interested on a platform like this than on Wikipedia, for instance, and even Wikipedia struggles a bit to make ends meet sometimes. Because of this, invest if you want to help, not necessarily profit.


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