Peerguess is a cryptocurrency cost ticker application where users may also speculate on future prices to make a profit; learn about community tendencies and produce sophisticated data. In the following sections, you'll get the unique functionality and attributes of peerguess.

Peerguess Features

The founders state that all cryptocurrency ticker and portfolio software will be replaced by peerguess as it provides not just the common attributes all cryptocurrency followers are looking for, but also a platform to use even if you don't currently own any cryptocurrency.

Peerguess have created “Gems”, which you will be able to convert them into ERC20 type GUESS Tokens within the Ethereum platform. You will begin with Gems given (and you also may get more as an investment bonus) and you will either buy from the in-app purchase or convert GUESS tokens to Gems.

You will then set the total amount of Gem you want to play with and you will click Up or Down buttons. For example, if the price for a single Ethereum is $261 currently, you will attempt to guess if it's going to be lower or higher than $261 following 24 hours. Aside from playing the sport, peerguess will also allow all users to train together with Stone, and compare their predictions with the real life data.

From there forward, the system will analyze the Gem play information to provide sophisticated outcomes, reports and opportunities to make profit. Keep in mind the peerguess system's specific features will be provided permanently free for the ICO shareholders, depending on their investment level

Token Distribution Scheme

GUESS tokens are Ethereum established ERC20 tokens at its simple form. The funds raised throughout the ICO will be spent in the additional development of the project, in addition to paying the maintenance costs for the infrastructure. Also, they are aware that the success of the project relies entirely on the amount of people actually using the program, therefore they will have a digital user acquisition team built to attract more customers from all around the world.

Any investment made throughout the ICO will even get rid of the application advertisements permanently. Investment Tier System Investors will earn accessibility to Cumulative Guess Analytics, Recommendation Engine, Stigmergic Quantitative Data and Auto-Trade modules based on their investment amount. Bear in mind that no one would find these modules free for quite a while once the platform completely functions.

About Peerguess Founders

The co-founders are currently employed by one of the most successful mobile game development business and also have profound knowledge on data that is big. Their staff has chosen to move forward with CDN Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India for program development to secure a more secure development.

The team also has experience and extensive understanding of Bitcoin and altcoins. As veteran miners and hopeless traders, they induce themselves to fulfill deep-seated requirements of the cryptocurrency community by creating an easy and engaging products with exceptional futures.

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