Cryptocurrency investing is high risk. The market is different from regular financial markets. Unfortunately, cryptocurrency investments is a little to tricky and high risk.

This is because of the lack of regulations, the wanton launching of tokens and so on. As a result, it is possible for people to either make a lot of money or lose their shirts trading the market.

So, with more people investing and losing money to dud cryptocurrencies, it has become imperative for people to have a smart way to invest their monies in the cryptocurrency market.

Unfortunately, the average individual probably lacks the requisite skill sets that a seasoned currency or day trader has. This makes it almost impossible for them to consistently pick winners for their short, medium and long term investments.

This is where companies like Pentacore provide their expertise. As the cryptocurrency market gets more popular and enters a more stable phase, crypto asset management funds and companies are springing up, promising to help less savvy investors, invest their monies wisely by offering them equity in exchange for their monies.

What Is PentaCore?

Imagine a venture capitalist or an investment consortium of sorts with experts in the financial markets and cryptocurrency trading or investments coming together to identify, analyze and choose the best cryptocurrencies for significant returns on investment.

But, instead of them keeping these finds to themselves, they make you an offer to invest in their firm in exchange for a slice of their profits. Only instead of cash, what you do is buy their tokens.

This is what Pentacore is, essentially. According to the company, “PentaCore is a wealth management firm designed to give investors exposure to the cryptocurrency and blockchain market.”

PentaCore PENT ICO Details

Investors interested in profiting from their offered opportunities will have to invest in their token called the PentaFund (PENT), in an initial round of fundraising. This PentaFund token sale which will be launched on the 9th of April 2018, will last for 30 days, ending on the 9th of May, 2018.

According to PentaCore, investors will have access to the available educational content library, get all the information and processes required to make entry into the cryptocurrency market easy, watch their assets grow as they are managed by the team, and profit from the properly researched and analyzed cryptocurrencies.

All funds raised from the token sale will then be reinvested in a managed portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Bottom line, the company needs your money to buy more volumes of properly identified and analyzed cryptocurrencies. Investors will be able to tell how well they’re doing by the periodic declaration of the Net Asset Value.

PentaCore Active Crypto Fund Investors Goal

PentaCore’s goal is that as they grow and make more profits, the value of the PENT token which is currently at 1 PENT to $1 USD, will appreciate. Investors can then directly redeem their tokens or trade them in exchange for significant profits or hold on to them for as long as they want.

Should You Invest In PentaCore?

To be honest, the company’s vision sounds very good on paper and in theory. And their promise of transparency is a pretty good selling point.

For individuals who want to get into crypto, but have neither the time nor energy to go scouting for valuable cryptos, this might be a valid option. You essentially allow someone else do the heavy lifting and take all the risks, while you invest and cash in.

The downside however, is your profits might not be as much as when you identify worthwhile coins on your own and directly invest in them. The returns from doing that alone can be pretty huge.

We’re also concerned that the PENT token isn’t available to Americans or US residents as well as a lack of proof of concept. We’d like to see how well they’ve been doing first with their private crypto investments and asset portfolio before handing them our money. it’s not too much to ask after all.

It doesn’t make sense that they’ll use our money for the initial investment. We’d like to know if our money will be in the care of seasoned crypto investors, who just need more capital to increase their holdings.

The team also doesn’t really engender any confidence. The team currently looks like one with a lot of enthusiasts, newbie crypto fund managers –even if they had erstwhile experience in the financial markets- and traders.

The co-founders themselves have little or no proven track record in the cryptocurrency industry. For us, this is a definite red flag. We’d prefer to invest in companies with proven leaders and founders in the cryptocurrency industry.

Until then though, we’ll probably adopt a wait-and-see attitude –unless some new information shows up (which we’ll be sure to tell you about).

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