Peoplewave has recently announced that it has taken the first steps towards sealing the deal with QUOINE in regard to launching its Initial Coin Offering. In particular, it will be launched on QUOINE’s ICO Mission Control platform.

Peoplewave is a cloud-based Human Resources system that focuses on fairness and transparent feedback, which are two factors that determine one’s likelihood of landing a job. Ultimately, its uses can help consumers’ get a job, while ensuring that businesses select the right candidates for a designated position. On the other hand, there’s QUOINE, a dual purpose fintech company that provides both trading and exchange related services.

As for the deal, Peoplewave’s PWV token will be offered via its ICO, starting and ending May 31st, 2018 and June 6th, 2018 respectively. After the ICO, QUOINE’s role in representing PWV will continue, as the token will be listed on the QRYPTOS exchange.

For the time being, Peoplewave has set a goal of issuing $5 million of PWV tokens for sale, where 1 ETH is equivalent to 6888 PWV tokens or USD$0.08 each. Peoplewave has also hinted a potential 95% bonus in place for whichever of the two comes first: a target of USD$1 million or the number of tokens sold within 24 hours of the ICO.

Both parties involved have expressed heightened interest in working together to make work fairness possible. CEO of Peoplewave, Damien Cummings’ has stated that:

“the QUOINE partnership will not only help open doors to more  “crypto fanatics” but gives them “the confidence of launching a safe, secure ICO with a fast track to listing on the QRYPTOS exchange for immediate liquidity post-ICO.”

In response, the Senior Vice President and Head of Operations of QUOINE, Seth Melamed, appears to be happy to have partnered with Peoplewave, solely for their project idea and solution. In particular, Melamed stated that:

“Peoplewave’s solution of providing accurate, verified employment and performance data on blockchain is highly relevant to the future work.”

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