What Is Pepper?

The pepper platform has been designed as the very first decentralized customer acquisition network. It has been designed as an incentive-based network that has been powered by the advanced blockchain technology. The company decided to use this advanced technology to ensure there is a reliable reputation management system put in place in the system.

What Pepper Offers

But this is not all, with the blockchain technology there are lower cost acquisition costs that the company would encounter. The platform has been designed in a way to ensure the customers on the platform are able to easily discover the very best restaurant, the ability to get access to the best flash deals happening. But this is not all as you are able to earn some money when you promote the restaurant that you actually loved.

The blockchain system that has been implemented into the company’s network will prevent any false reviews being posted; there will not be any missed reservations and also any ineffective advertising will be allowed. Which means everything that is happening on the site will be trustworthy, a platform we can definitely rely on.

Pepper Blockchain Customer Acquisition Network Features


Thanks to the blockchain technology the company is able to use a Token Curated Registries plus also a reputation score. It is to ensure that quality reviews are properly rewarded on their network. Additionally, the company is planning on introducing a new kind of review standard, one that will be more direct in the feedback loop and also the net Promotor Scoring.

But this is not all as the reviewers will also have the opportunity to be rewarded through tokens, which could be used to pay for meals.

Staking And Biding

In order to make reservations on the platform users will stake on the native token plus the use of your reputation score, this helps in reducing the no-show rates in a restaurant. For the demand restaurants, there is abiding system that is being put in place. This will allow multiple users to bid to get the chance to dine in the restaurant.

In-App Promotion And Quests

The platform will be running live promotions; this will enable the restaurants to have the opportunity to incentivize the customers in real time this is by posting a limited time offer. The offers could run for about one or two hours, just to ensure restaurants are able to fill the last minute seats by using the company native token.

The company has not only set up the best system in place but also a team of professionals to ensure transactions run smoothly; it is from having the best advisors to ensure the best strategies are in play. With the perfect system and expert team incorporated you are assured that the platform is aware of what it is doing.

Pepper Conclusion

The platform is undoubtedly designed to benefit both the customers and restaurants. The platform has been designed with such a unique idea behind, that is offering a platform the portrays a clear picture of trustworthiness to both the users and the restaurants. So as a restaurant owner or just a foodie this is a platform you should consider to explore.

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