What Is PepsCoin?

PEPSCOIN is a cryptocurrency looking to avail a world in which cryptocurrency and human use which become connected and digital assets may play the role of our traditional fiat currency. Their goal involves extending the domain of usage of the financial industry but offering services to billions of people around the globe without the need for a central bank.

The concept of the ICO stems from Japan’s network company PEPS Tech., and they hope to offer their cryptocurrency and platform service with the digital wallet.

How PepsCoin Cryptocurrency Payments Network Works

PEPS COIN applies new proof-of-work algorithm called Lyla2Re. The lyla2re algorithm was specially designed to compete against ASIC. Generally, optimal mining is difficult for GPU mining because of electricity overuse and heat emission. Applying Lyra2 (chain algorithm) instead of Scrypt enables adjustments and changes in memory usage, time and cost.

GPU mining is a computer and smartphone hardware produced by mainstream enterprises and is available anywhere. PEPS COIN will offer a whole new class of entrepreneurs and investors, and even ordinary citizens a chance to participate in mining without the use of costly ASIC miners.

The PEPS Platform

Under the platform service, there exist:

The PEPS Card

PEPS cards are available for everyday use, enabling payment and point savings just like credit cards can, but without a wallet. Also, the cards will link with financial networks so that various financial businesses is operational both online and offline. PEPS will also distribute a digital portfolio to ensure compatibility between real and virtual currency, thereby managing an increase in value and protecting personal property.

Card Features

  • Transaction fee 0%~1.5%
  • Can be used at all Pepscard affiliate stores.
  • Mobile Application Features
  • 24 Hours Real-time Payment
  • Stored assets are kept in code currency, and used like cash when payment is made.
  • Available for cash conversion and withdrawal from affiliate ATM devices.

PepsCoin Benefits


The PEPS COIN relies on advanced technologies that make it faster than Bitcoin, and this gives it a competitive advantage. The size of the PEPS COIN block is also more significant than that of Bitcoin

Distributed Structure

With the Lyla2re Algorithm, PEPS COIN eliminates mining and uses the POW mechanism, where 70% is converted if mining is carried out.


The PEPS wallet is available for both Window and Linux users and this build up the added functionality and convenience to the user.

Payment Gateway System

The payment service will allow for purchasing of items and services from avenues such as content services, game platform and online retail shopping malls.


PEPSCOIN uses the latest technology to protect the financial investment of the owners by encryption of all data and personal information.

PepsCoin PEPS Token ICO Details

Token Sale Dates

  • Presale: Date- 2018.05.01~05.31. 1ETH = 3,000 PEPS + 20% BOUNS
  • Presale 2: Date- 2018.06.15~6.30. 1ETH = 3,000 PEPS
  • CrowdSale: Date- 2018.07 ~ until exhaustion. 1ETH = 2,000 PEPS

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Symbol- PEPS
  • Platform- Lyla2Re
  • Compensation method- POW (Proof of work)
  • Mining- CPU/GPU
  • Coin supply- 160,000,000
  • Hard cap- 48,000,000 PEPS
  • ICO Price- 1 ETH= 3,000 PEPS
  • Minimum Amount- 0.2 ETH+ 600 PEPS

PepsCoin Conclusion

While there are plenty of ventures promising quite the same as PEPSCOIN, there is quite much that sets the ICO apart from others. Plenty of co-operation already exist with PEPSCOIN, and their association offers the legitimacy necessary for any ICO.

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