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Despite the advantages offered by the current blockchains, they do come with their own challenges. Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains are not only expensive but slow too. The cost of transaction on these blockchains is also very high and can only get higher. The speed of transactions is also low and the bloat is getting bigger daily. The blockchains also require users to have wallets that are used for transactions.

PerfectChain is a new generation of blockchain technology that is set to address these issues. It makes use of a contract execution machine and a distributed state ledger that is designed to improve on the Ethereum and Bitcoin technologies by providing improvements that are essential for business adoption with more emphasis on tokenization and contractual agreements.

This is the perfect blockchain for business. It is a simple protocol for creation of apps and blockchains. The platform is designed to support the token representation of passports, boarding passes, taxi fares or bus tickets. The representations can be in form of gift cards, gym membership cards or vouchers. You can make a token representation of your title deed or house keys by use of PerfectChain Network.

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Use Cases The PerfectChain

The use cases of PerfectChain platform include:

Advantages Of PerfectChain To Businesses

  • Fast transactions since this is a fast blockchain protocol as it is 60 times faster than Ethereum or Bitcoin
  • The transaction costs are 100 times cheaper
  • This is the light client for Android
  • The platform uses smart contracts language
  • The platform is fully decentralized
  • There is no need for wallets since this is a zero-knowledge platform

The PNN Tokens

The PNN tokens fund the PerfectChain ecosystem. Each of the tokens is divided into 18 decimal places, which allows for granular trades. Nicknames will be used for functional PNN tokens to allow for convenience and easier everyday use.

The first stage of token distribution will see an Ethereum ERC20 token generated and issued to investors on open exchanges before the PerfectChain network blockchain can go live. Investors can choose to claim their rewards immediately via distribution to an Ethereum wallet or wait to claim their rewards later once the PerfectChain network is operational.

Investors from the sale who will not have claimed their reward will be rewarded with PNN tokens after the network is operational. 140,000,000 tokens will be available during the public offering and the price per PNN token will be $0.10+40% bonus. The sale will be on 12th June 2018

  • Token Symbol: PNN
  • Token Sale Starts: June 12, 2018
  • Token Price: 1PNN = $0.10 + 40% bonus
  • Total Supply:140 Million

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