Today we are going to review a new cryptocurrency in the market created by CannaSOS. The name of this cryptocurrency is Perkscoin. Will this be a good investment for you?

What Is CannaSOS?

CannaSOS is the name of a technology company which has been working in the blockchain industry. Considered by themselves as a team of visionaries, the focus of CannaSOS, as you might have guessed because of the name of the company, is the cannabis market. The company is already working since 2014 and has more than 315 registered members with more 1000 business pages.

Now, the company intends to make the next step and use its own cryptocurrency in its platform. They already have a very lively online platform, so a new token, the Perkscoin, will be the solution to many problems being faced by the cannabis industry right now.

The company believes that this industry faces two big challenges: the prohibitions in many states makes banks and advertisers shy away from dealing with companies that sell marijuana. No conventional banking service generally helps companies selling cannabis, so the blockchain technology is a good way to create its own financial system.

The CannaSOS platform is also a place in which the product can be advertised because it is already focused on the cannabis market. Creating a cryptocurrency seems like the next logical step to ensure that these companies will have everything that they need.

How CannaSOS Cannabis Transaction Platform Resources Works

CannaSOS is an online platform for cannabis sellers and users and Perkscoins are the new tokens to be used in this community. The tokens will help this already P2P network to improve its decentralization and to create a space in which the users will be able to buy cannabis legally.

The online platform uses the blockchain technology (the Ethereum-based Perkscoin tokens) to create a decentralized market in which users can legally buy marijuana without having legal trouble for both sides. The companies will not need the banks as middlemen anymore. The goals of CannaSOS are to create something akin to an E-store in which the users can visit the platform to buy the product without the risk of fraud.

The platform works like a marketplace, but also like a social network in which the users will be able to share their experiences and make friends.

The Perkscoin tokens will be able to bought from the company or cryptocurrency exchanges or to be received as a reward for engagement in the company or for subscribing in loyalty programs. The company will be able to use to pay for advertising, sponsored articles and business membership, while the normal users will be able to use the tokens to buy products.

PerksCoin PCT ICO Details

If you are interested in investing in CannaSOS, you can buy the tokens of the company, the Perkscoins. Fortunately, the Initial Coin Offering is still going on. The first phase of the ICO is already over, but you can still participate in the second round of the ICO, which was happening during the report of this article.

During the current phase, you will be able to acquire each PCT token for the price of $0.72 USD per token, a 10% discount of the full price per token. This phase will continue until February 19. To buy the tokens, you have to register with a valid email on the company’s site.

The main sale of the Perkscoins will be made in the near future and there will be no discounts in this phase. If you want to know the exact date of the main sale of Perkscoins, follow our blog and read our updates about this company.

The CannaSOS Verdict

Have you gotten interested in CannaSOS? If you did, you can always invest in this company, but is it a good idea? If you are interested in the cannabis market, yes. If you are not, no. Basically, this company can be a great choice for anyone who is interested in this industry but it will not be such a great deal if you are not that much interested in marijuana.

While CannaSOS’s Perkscoins might give a good return on investment if you buy them to sell later, they are not made for this purpose, so your return on investment might disappoint you. We hope that our review has been helpful to you. Will you invest in CannaSOS? The choice is yours.

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