What Is Perlin?

Perlin is a new platform which was created to make a scalable DAG-based protocol using the Avalanche consensus. This protocol will run on the Perlin Network, which will serve as a marketplace and as an exchange for computing resources among the users.

Other important function of the network will be as a solution for developers who intend to create decentralized apps that need a computing power that they cannot get by themselves, so they can buy it on the platform.

How Will Perlin DAG DLT Avalanche Consensus Network Work?

The Perlin Network will be DAG-based and it run by using the Avalanche consensus protocol, which is a Byzantine fault tolerant protocol with the goal of achieving scalability and providing a basis for building decentralized applications with the technology.

The main idea of the platform is to be a marketplace for computing power. Transactions will be made via smart protocols to ensure their safety.

This company’s creators believe that by using the Avalanche protocol, they will be able to create a trustless platform that can work as an automated marketplace that will connect people via their desire to buy and sell computing power. This way, it can be a cheaper and scalable alternative for the people interested in the services of the company.

Perlin Network will have three major parts: the self-audited distributed ledger, a framework for parallel blind computing and a crypto proof of computational resources. Anyone who is able to produce computing power via smartphones, computers and similar platforms will be able to use this company’s platform.

The customers will be able to purchase only the necessary amount of computing power that they need for their tasks, as one of the main goals of this platform is the creation of a way in which energy is not just thrown away but always optimized and used. This will balance the demand and supply on a global level for this kind of computing resources.

The platform will use the PERL token, which will be used as the currency to access the resources. The tokens will be fully mineable, so miners will be necessary to make the platform active and always running.

Initially, the PERL tokens will be ERC20-based tokens based on Ethereum platform but as soon as the company is able to release its own MainNet, the PERL tokens will have their own blockchain.

Perlin PERL Token ICO Details

The PERL token sale is upcoming at an undisclosed date. The information that we currently have points that you will have to be whitelisted and pass a Know Your Customer test to be approved.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information about the ICO right now. The tokens will be initially ERC20-based and no information about price, soft and hard cap have been released at the moment.

The Perlin Team

The team of made up of six people at this point: Dorjee Sun (project manager), Kenta Iwasaki (CTO) and Mirza Uddin (business development). There are also three developers that will be working on the platform, but their names were not revealed by the company.

Sun is an entrepreneur with years of experience that founded Carbon Conservation before this company, he has success with startups and a vast career. Iwasaki is a developer and is specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Engineering.

There is also Uddin, which studied in Harvard and is an investor in the fintech field. He also worked on LinkedIn and Citi Bank.

Perlin Verdict

While it is hard to say how much of a good investment this company will be without actually seeing the ICO details first, we are quite sure that Perlin will be an interesting platform. There is certainly a number of other companies offering services in this area but Perlin looks to be a proper choice for the people interested in a solid platform.

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