Blockchain Concept Manager Persona Teams Up With P2P Loan Advancing Platform Fintrux

Persona has entered into a partnership with Fintrux a P2P loan advancing platform. The motivation behind this is to give a quick solution to their blockchain based brand on the need to rationalize the recruitment procedure for clients. It will also ensure they take charge of their individual details.

Apart from the onboarding of client onto the Fintrux system, Persona is also implementing their KYC. Persona strategy is a unique one. It is developing its distinct Blockchain without taking into consideration the ERC 20 token, which is based on the Blockchain provided by Ethereum. The blockchain administers the transaction information and the data is stored by IPFS.

After onboarding to Persona Blockchain, Fintrux will have the capability to keep up to date and authenticate the identity of the borrower. As reported by, Persona will not access their client's personal information, therefore clients will have a total grip on their personal data.

Another important aspect is that clients will have a web app and a dashboard they can use. They will also have a mobile application which will assist in managing their information.

Since their user personal information kept in a blockchain is separate from the companies and customers, business enterprises are automatically safeguarded from blackmail, theft, and viruses. This averts negative effect on their image and being penalized by the legal establishments.

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