PesetaCoin PTC ICO

About PesetaCoin PTC

PesetaCoin is an electronic currency that can be used to buy or sell goods with a bias on the Spanish sphere of the globe. PesetaCoin is built on Blockchain technology therefore has serious advantages that make it attractive to use compared to more traditional payment used in ecommerce.  Sending and receiving PesetaCoin is superfast while security of one’s payment is almost guaranteed.

Benefits of the PesetaCoin PTC

The use of PesetaCoin (PST) carries a lot of benefits  that include:

  • Transactions are fast since there’s no need for 3rd parties or excessive commissions as is common with most of the online payments. There’s no need for cards and people can transact directly with each other or companies.
  • It’s not restricted to any country since no state can claim ownership. Geographical barriers are some of the challenges that face ecommerce.
  • Confirmation of transactions is done using nodes that are governed by the community around this coin. This form of decentralization is possible due to blockchain technology.
  • Security is a major strength of PST since end to end encryption is used to communicate. Since transactions placed on the platform are final and irreversible, there’s no chance of errors, falsification or duplication.
  • Privacy is also a plus for using PST since one is not compelled to reveal their identity in order to transact.
  • The PST in one’s wallet is protected by encryptions and can’t be stolen or lost due to technical errors.
  • PST can also be used as a store of value similar to various other cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

PesetaCoin PTC Details

PST was created by Maria Prieto who is a Spanish Blockchain developer back in 2014.  Since PST operates on a network that’s built on the blockchain, there’s no single person who can claim ownership to the PST network.

Transactions done on the official Pesetacoin website attract zero fees and those done through online wallets come at minimal fee.  The price of Pesetacoin is determined by the forces of demand and supply which is the case with most currencies.

Sourcing For PesetaCoin

There are various ways in which one can own PesetaCoins:

  • Get the for free – This is through official faucets where the coins are donated by members of the PST community voluntarily in an effort to increase awareness about the coins.
  • Buying them in fiat currency more so euros
  • Purchasing them on exchanges such as Bitrrex, Cryptopia, Tradesatoshi and Southexchange.
  • Through the Bitcointalk forum that’s recognized internationally.

PesetaCoin PTC Utilities

There are various utilities available in terms of this coin include a wallet where one can store the coins. There’s also Block explorer where one can view their transactions.  PesetaCoin data and insight are also useful tools to understand the coin. There’s also a Wallpaper Contest on the platform as a way of increasing utility of the coin.

Some users call this coin the blonde of coins due to its Spanish background. The coin is gaining popularity due to the ease it brings to ecommerce. It will be interesting to watch how this demand plays into the overall value of the coin.

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