Petchains ICO (PTCS Token): Blockchain Pets Short Video Platform?

Petchains is a digital global pen-pet market information management and business platform. The platform uses blockchain technology and big data, which enable users to keep their own individual accounts. This technology also allow users to keep record of the animals either in their homes or shelters.

The Petchains platform primarily aims to bring up a community that is composed of experts, professionals, institutions, owners, service providers, business owners, volunteers, and many other participants of the entire animal community, so they can interact freely globally. This will see a significant contribution to efficiently providing improved lives for their pets.

The platform brings many benefits to the animal community since it’s the only project of its kind in the whole world that records the data of the animals, thanks to the use of blockchain technology. The platform also stores the information about a particular animal even if it changes its ownership so the new owner can obtain the information on the animal.

How Petchains Works

To begin with, a new user signs up on the platform with his or her key details such as name, email address, and gender.

Secondly, the new user becomes a member of the platform as soon as he/she completes the sign up process. The new user is free to subsequently log into his/her account with his/her ID and password.

Moreover, the new user can freely use the platform after login in with the requirements( ID and password). He/she can then contact the admin panel who will then connect him/her with the relevant experts he/she desires.

In addition, if queries or need of further direction may arise from the user,he/she can contact the platforms support which is available 24/7. Here, the problem will be solved immediately as it will be dealt with by the management and the technical team.

Finally, the platform does not require any specific skill or degree from the user, as he/she will notice several help sections to guide him/her through. The user will also notice different form attached to each section for him/her to facilitate easy connection with the professionals.

Significance Of Petchains

Part 1

The platform will develop individual platforms programmed in various languages which can be accessed by their users through various devices.This will benefit the animal caregivers, professionals, and specialists, as it will enhance easy communication among them.

To see this through, the platform’s team has created a library in which all the essential information on various animal species and breeds are stored safely.The platform will operate on a professional verification system. This will ensure transparency.

Part 2

The platform aims to provide forums for the users in which they can share case details of their pests and get quick response. For both professionals and ordinary users, the platform provides the best guide.

Part 3

The platform accepts donations as a way of users’ contribution to animal causes. Sending and receiving of payments if a user wants to contribute to a sponsorship is accepted. To improve security, the team aims at bringing on board a configurable data importing tool.

Token Utility

  • Petcoin (PTCS) is the unit of exchange used in exchange of assets and advice among other active participants in the platform.
  • It may also be spent so as to get special discounts for the products on the platform.
  • It is also used to purchase various services on the platform.
  • PTCS is spent in participation in online activities.

ICO Details

  • Token name: (Petchains)
  • Token issuance volume:18
  • ICO issuance volume: 7
  • Min contribution: 0.5ETH
  • ICO Date: 2019-5-25
  • Soft cap: 5 000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 89 285 ETH
  • Public Purchase price: 1 ETH=5 600

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