A topic that generates division among the crypto community has a new chapter. It is clear that Satoshi’s Nakamoto white paper on Bitcoin has been questioned over the last years, and the discussion continues. This is why. owner wants to revise Satoshi’s white paper and Peter R. Rizun supports him.

This time, Cobra Bitcoin received a new gesture of support from Peter R. Rizun, which has been delivering different scientific papers about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and is the Secretary of Bitcoin Unlimited. In a tweet uploaded on May the 12th, Mr. Rizun explained:

“I support @CobraBitcoin’s proposal to rewrite the Bitcoin (BTC) white paper. It gives the impression that BTC is cash, nodes are miners, SPV is for users, and that has power both enforcers and defines the consensus rules. This applies only to BCH. BTC needs its own white paper.”

What Cobra Bitcoin says is that there is a specific part of the Bitcoin White Paper that is not clear for people without knowledge in the topic. He explained that it seems that miners are those who decide on what is considered invalid or valid within the network’s consensus rules. And that’s not in this way due to the fact that Satoshi was talking about those who run ‘full nodes.’

Bitcoin Cash supporters are on the side of those who believe that free thinking individuals understand that history matters. Just to start, we can mention that the title of the white paper mentions a ‘peer-to-peer electronic cash system’ which is not related to any ‘digital store of value.’

Mr. Rizun comments will allow the community to have a clear idea what the discussion is and where to put the focus on.

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