About Petsource (PTS Token)

Pet lovers understand the importance of keeping up to date with all the information concerning their fur friends. However, with the centralized systems in place, it hasn't been easier to connect with same interest individuals across the globe.

PetSource comes to offer such an interaction platform with the use of the Ethereum blockchain. The site is “pet-centric” with all data information regarding pets. It also doubles up as a decentralized global marketplace for pet care products, with a secure and fast exchange of data.

How does PetSource work?

The information we find on PetSource whitepaper reveals that the platform would consist of the Ethereum blockchain that would ensure; safe storage of pet data, PetSource Data House for business logic and data processing purposes, PetSource Wallet for the pet owners, veterinarians, insurers and wallet providers.

There will also be a PetSource Getaway for public access using a unique chip and the PetSource marketplace for pet-related products. Also, users get to store their private data on devices or the individual database, and there will be authenticity verification every time a third party receives information.

Pet owners can key in their pet's information through the PetSource Wallet, which also allows editing. Then the users take full control of their account regarding who gets to share /access their data and at which level. The platform will also allow developers to showcase their applications on pet health within the ecosystem. Pet owners get the chance to enable access to respective health records for use in different forms in exchange for PetSource Tokens (PTS)

The PTS will be the means of payment with a 5% token-back bonus on for all verified purchases.

What do I stand to benefit from PetSource?

As a pet owner, you can interact with other pet lovers across the globe and get to exchange valuable information that would improve your relationship with your pet. Also, the PetSource marketplace makes it easier for you to access quality pet care products at a lower price as compared to the current rates.  You also get to control access to your pet's information and get to receive tokens in exchange. There are also pet experts on board for useful advice.

As a trader, you get to showcase your products to a ready market with competitive prices. Since you get to interact with the buyers' one on one, you have the opportunity to learn their requirements, hence getting the opportunity to come up with tailor-made products to boost your sales. The same case goes to application developers and other third-party investors.

Petsource (PTS Token) ICO Details

  • Symbol: PTS
  • Supply: 1 Billion Tokens
  • Price: $.12 per PTS
  • Hard Cap: $27,000,000
  • Soft Cap: $3,000,000
  • Currency Accepted: ETH
  • Private Pre Sale Dates:
    • Opened: February 19, 2018
    • Closes: April 30, 2018
  • Public Sale Dates:
    • Opens: July 1, 2018
    • Closes: July 30, 2018

Why shouldn't I join?

While there are so many reasons as to why you should join this platform, it sounds much of a great idea for those with a keen interest in pets. Therefore, if pets aren't your thing, then you might want to focus your attention elsewhere.

Petsource (PTS Token) Conclusion

PetSource is a “pet-centric” platform that brings together stakeholders in the pet industry for better connectivity. The platform allows sharing of information that could take pet-ownership to the next level. However, you at least need a pet interest to be part of this team.

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