The world of retail has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades. In 2018, total of E-commerce sales will reach one-tenth of the total retail market sales worldwide and by 2020 it will be worth over $4 trillion USD. Marketplace sales worldwide has grown yearly by double digits and will continue to do so in the near future.

However, despite explosive growth in E-commerce, the industry is plagued with multiple problems. A few of those problems are untrustworthy merchants and products, a long authorization process and a high transaction costs and the failure to keep up with the expeditious growth of Blockchain technology.

Peur marketplace has found the solution to these problems.

What Is Peur Marketplace?

Peur is one application that is enough to cover all the market you need. Their mission is to develop and deploy an advanced transaction system to help small and enterprise B2B, B2C and service provider companies to grow together as one.

They Do This in the Following Way:

  • By building a global decentralized payroll payment and marketplace system.
  • They made the payment process simple and efficient with just one click.
  • By helping merchants get paid faster, with fewer fees on a secured payroll payment built into a smart contract.
  • By providing an opportunity for merchant to accept mobile payment.
  • They are bringing Ethereum based token economy to today’s everyday lifestyle.

So, this means no more banks, no more intermediaries and only direct payments which can be done round the clock. The payment platform is available worldwide, without being interrupted by borders, nations or governments, making it a truly decentralized marketplace.

Benefits Of Joining Peur Blockchain Marketplace

  • Flexible Pricing: Peur delivery model allows the user to pay for a highly customizable per-employee, per -month subscription which guarantees that they never pay more than they need to.
  • Universally present: Their professional team and reliable payroll solutions serve you anywhere in the world.
  • Low overhead: By using a secure platform instead of their own system, they are able to reduce the overall investment in software, hardware and other valuable resources.
  • Stringent security protocols: They vigilantly monitor and maintain their security standards to ensure that the user’s confidential information is protected.
  • Ensures Business Continuity: They ensure seamless knowledge transfer without documented systems and data recovery plans, even if your company change their infrastructure.

Peur PURC Token ICO Details

PeurCoin is an ERC20 compliant digital cryptocurrency empowered by Ethereum blockchain. It is a tradable speculative cryptocurrency which could be used for short and long investment, transfer money to your peers, buy products/services and as a payroll currency. A total of 200 million PURC tokens will be available, of which 130 million will be available for sale in the Pre ICO and ICO. They have a hard cap target of $25million and a soft cap of $2.5million. The ICO starts on April 24th, 2018 and ends on May 28th, 2018. Investors receive PURC token within 7 days after the ICO.

65% of the total token volume will be allocated for sale, 8.75% will be distributed to Peur Development team, 21.15% is reserved for the Peur communities, 2.5% is distributed to their shareholders and 2.6% is for their Bounty campaign.

50% of the funds raised in public sale will be allocated for marketing campaign, 25% will be allocated for Regulation, 15% is reserved for Equity Capital and 10% will be issued for the platform’s research and development.

Peur Conclusion

As the blockchain and E-commerce community grows, the popularity of Peur Marketplace is bound to increase. They will drive innovation in the online retail landscape.

More information can be found out about this revolutionary marketplace and its token on their website

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