The Swedish YouTube Star is now the next one on the BitConnect Bashing party. He may be late to the party, but he made up for it with a hardcore fifteen-minute sketch about it stating that thanks to BitConnect he would be able to finally stop making YouTube videos. As he proclaimed, that BITCONEEEEEECT!

If you don’t know who PewdiePie is, he’s the world’s most popular YouTube star and has more than sixty million subscribers around the world. The name of the video is “How I Made My Millions! (and so can you).” The YouTuber also takes a hard shot at the YouTubers who heartlessly promoted the rip off cryptocurrency.

He begins with “It’s a great meme,” and then goes into pointing fingers directly at Carlos’ Bitconnect Scream that has become one of the most popular meme/parities in the cryptocurrency world. Bitconnect has been a notorious scam/ponzi for some time now. There have been dozens of remixes on the scream of Carlos.

PewdiePie willingly admits being the last one to create a meme video for the terrible company. The video starts with a montage of all the YouTubers who were behind driving BitConnect to the unfortunate success it had. And when the curtains were finally pulled on the crypto scam, and everyone saw the truth – the videos of the scam artists behind it suddenly disappeared. It didn’t save the con-artist though thanks to the other re-uploader YouTube users who understand the internet will never let the atrocity of Bitconnect go.

If only PewdiePie had released this video earlier, he has a ton of influence and could have potentially saved thousands of people from losing their life savings. The cryptocurrency community could have used it to shed light early on to this shady scheme and the people behind it.

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