What Is Philanthor?

The Philanthor platform is a private foundation that runs as a Decentralized Automated Decision Making (DAO) over blockchain technology. The foundation supports over 100 causes ranging from charities, research grants, venture philanthropy, and scholarships among many others.

Understanding Philanthor Crowdsourced Positive Social Impact

The platform makes it possible for everyone to become a philanthropist allowing people to make a real impact into the life of others. The platform is for people who have shared beliefs, moral attitudes, and ideas who would want to improve life on earth.

The foundation will bring such people together where they will be able to combine the topics they care about, their intelligence, and focus these on doing good on earth, humanity, and on future generations. The collective intelligence of the people on the platform will act as unified collective mind and will allow the members to improve life on earth continuously, which will see more long-term solutions being used to react to crises and emergencies.

The platform supports causes that have to do with youth, gender equality, and protection of wildlife and the environment. The specific focus of the platform will be on food, education, clean energy, water safety, environment, and health technologies.

Philanthor hopes to make use of blockchain technology to fix real-life problems. Blockchain technology will enable the member’s aid and resources to flow between causes without any hindrances or challenges posed by geographical boundaries or cultural or social biases and will reflect the member’s collective mind. Blockchain technology will allow for reliability and transparency of the donations allowing the platform causes to receive full donations with less interference from banks and other intermediaries.

Why Use Blockchain Technology

The Philanthor platform uses blockchain technology because of the below benefits:

Eliminates Intermediaries

The use of blockchain technology eliminates the need for banking agencies and other intermediaries from the equation. This also reduces transaction costs, which allows the maximum funds to reach those in need.

Decentralized Automation Of Decision Making

The use of blockchain technology allows the use of smart contracts to allow for governance and the management of the platform with the help of the collective intelligence of thousands of members.


Transparency offered by blockchain builds trust and reduces the wastage of funds and effort. All the transactions will be visible on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with.

Access To A Large Crowdfunding Platform

People who would like to be part of the noble causes supported by Philanthor can now participate despite their geographical locations. The ICO mechanism is able to reach anyone, anywhere who wants to make a lasting positive impact.

Possibility To Measure The Foundation Impact

Since all the transactions are documented over the blockchain, measuring the foundation impact is possible unlike in traditional philanthropy platforms.

Philanthor PHP Token & ICO Details

The PHP token powers the Philanthor donation platform. This is an ERC20 token that uses smart contracts that allow for the creation of a decentralized automated decision making (DAO) allowing the members to be part of a true philanthropic foundation. The token also allows the members to vote on topics that matter and to bring in new causes to the limelight, which are close to the philosophy of the platform.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Private Sale: June – September 2018
  • ICO: October 2018
  • Token Ticker: PTH
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Hard Cap: $20 Million
  • Total tokens: 2 Billion
  • Tokens for sale: 700,000,000
  • Price: 1 ETH = 15,000 PTH

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