PhoenixCoin is a cryptocurrency whose value is based on current markets. The token is built on blockchain technology making it decentralized and acceptable all over the world without limitations from governments. Transactions on the Phoenix platform are fast and attract a minimal fee. The platform will be used to link talents among the cryptocurrency space with potential buyers.

Phoenix Coin Advantages

There are some significant benefits of trading using PhoenixCoin. They include:

Purchase –

Buying the coin is quick and easy. It’s only done by sending ether from one’s address and receiving PhoenixCoin into that wallet.

Safe And secure –

The currency is programmed through encryptions which only the user can access. Presence of private keys and authentications will make this cryptocurrency safe to use.

Feasibility –

The platform will have features such as a wallet and e-portal which will make it feasible to the crypto community.

Services –

The presence of a wallet will allow you to store and transact the token from any part of the world without too much hustle.

Exchange –

After the ICO, PhoenixCoin will be listed on exchanges and will be tradable using other cryptocurrencies.

PhoenixCoin PHX ICO Details

The PhoenixCoin will be sold in stages through discounts and bonuses. Crowdfunding will be done in four stages where the price of the token will range from $5 to $ 11. As an investment opportunity, those that bought PhoenixCoin during the first week of the sale were in a position to make over 300% returns on their investment.

Phoenix Talent Search Engine Voting Blockchain Platform

The developers are working on bringing more attention to the platform and encourage people to transact through it. This will be done through meet-ups and activations to bring more people on board. Transactions on the platform take less than thirty seconds to complete with fees as low as $0.03.

The platform has various sections such as:

Talents –

In this section, people with multiple skills can enlist and give details of the activities that they undertake. The enlisted can tell users how much funding they require to move forward and if possible get people to fund them.

Search Engine –

Talent buyers can use this feature to look at the talents enlisted on the platform. They also get to filter the abilities depending on the area of specialization, location, and category.

Discover –

This feature has tools to discover new talents and where funding for these skills can be done. Voting for the most useful expertise can also be done in this section.

PhoenixCoin Conclusion

All in all, the PhoenixCoin is set to disrupt the talent search industry through the use of blockchain technology. PHX token will be used on this platform to trade, buy and sell assets and even transfer value.

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