Picax is a platform that lets users sell Instagram photos to content creators simply by adding the #picax hashtag. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Picax?

Picax is a photography platform where users can sell Instagram photos. Casual photographers can use Picax to make money from their hobby and gain followers, while content creators can access authentic, original, high-quality photography for a competitive price.

Picax is available in beta on the official website. You can view the demo version of the platform here.

That demo shows the basic functionality of Picax. You browse a selection of photos, click on a photo you like, then download that photo with a click. The interface is smooth and fast. After you click to download a photo, you have the option of following that photographer on Instagram.

The overall goal of Picax is to bring two massive audiences together under one roof, including casual photographers and marketers. The vast majority of amateur photographers have never sold a photo. However, their photos remain unavailable to content creators due to copyright. Meanwhile, there’s still a demand for authentic storytelling, and Instagrammers are producing 95 million new photos per day on the platform.

Picax aims to connect these two groups together using a convenient, accessible marketplace.

How Does Picax Work?

Picax aims to connect marketers and casual photographers over a convenient marketplace. They see the photography market as having two massive audiences. By connecting these two audiences – marketers and casual photographers – under one roof, Picax believes it can introduce powerful benefits.

For Amateur Photographers

Amateur photographers can make money from their hobby. They can gain Instagram followers, establish a reputation, and conveniently sell photos using a single hashtag natively on Instagram. There’s no need to install an additional app: you just add the hashtag to your photo after upload.

For Marketers

Marketers can partner with photographers and create a collection of high-quality photos, then sell those photos to businesses and clients. The Picax whitepaper mentions an example of a marketer selling authentic, original photography with unlimited downloads at a fixed price of $30 per month. Companies that need stock photos could pay that subscription fee and access a wide range of stock photos that can be legally used on their website.

Today, the Picax platform has 500+ photos and 26 photographers. By 2018, the company hopes to launch version 1.0 of the platform, with versions 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 coming in sequential years. Over time, Picax plans to add support for cloud storage photo hosting services, support for video and audio rights management, and other features.

The Picax Token Sale

The Picax token, or PIC, is the main currency used by the Picax platform. Tokens can be spent on privileges that are exclusive to token holders, including subscriptions and additional services at a special price, advertising on Picax channels, access to partner tools, and professional consulting by Picax staff.

Out of the total supply of Picax tokens, 80% are going to token buyers. The remaining amount is distributed to founders (12%), partners (6%), and bounties (2%).

The Picax token sale begins on November 13.

If you buy more than 10,000 tokens during the sale, you’ll receive a seat on the Picax advisory board and free services for one month. If you buy more than 100 tokens, you’ll get a priority pass. And anyone with 1 or more tokens has early access to features.

During the token sale, 1 PIC is set at $1 USD. A total of 35 million PIC are available during the token sale.

Who’s Behind Picax?

Picax is led by a Riga, Latvia-based team of developers. Key members of the team include Igor Akulov (Founder and CEO), Nikita Kokurins (Founder and COO), Gregory Tkach (Founder and CTO), Pieter Van Osch (Coach & Escrow), and Max Desyatyh (Product Advisor).

The name of the company, by the way, is a reference to the “pickaxe”. Here’s how the website explains it:

“Picax is a tool for photographers and content creators. Pickaxe is also a tool.”

Picax Conclusion

Picax has a demo version of its platform available online today. The platform currently features 500+ photos and 26 photographers. The company plans to unveil a large scale beta in 2017. To help develop that beta, Picax has launched a token sale for PIC tokens. tokens will be used to access services on the platform.

To learn more about Picax, or to participate in the token sale, visit online today at Pic.ax.


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