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The Pig World network is a platform is a decentralized and operated as a casino. It’s an extremely functional platform that is built for online gambling and runs on the Ethereum blockchain with the goal of achieving the roles as the most trustworthy platform online. Many of the casino platforms online have some serious issues when it comes to being trustworthy. And Pig World is going to change that apparently, they promise a system that is free from cheating, betting fees and has no waiting when it comes to the time limit confirmations take for transactions.

What Is Pig World

There features on blockchains that are standard. For example, they protect against fraud, hacking and use smart contracts to ensure people are protected. There are disadvantages as well. And those include high fees for interactions that include the smart contracts. And a lot of times, the slow transactions speeds are frustrating as well.

But when it comes to Pig World, there are major benefits, for example the platform is considered to be completely cheating free. The betting system used on the platform is bound by mechanisms that ensure the platform is completely free from cheating. There is no way at all that a hacker would be able to ever use the platform to perform fraud.

And with 0% betting fees, the platform also uses a hybrid structure of architecture. One that operates in way where you don’t have to interactively act with the smart contracts. Players are therefore able to sign betting records and pig world will upload new batches of them on a consistent basis.

The Pico Token is a fixed token that has an exchange rate of $0.033 USD per token. And players are able to redeem an equal amount of digital currency as well as inspect mandatory funds that at any time of day.

Pig World also has established gaming licenses and operates as a very real gaming platform. The licenses from the governments in the region.

Pig World is a new revolutionary online experience developed for gambling platform on the Ethereum blockchain. And the purpose is to achieve a decentralized data storage platform that it is completely transparent to ensure that betting happening on the platform abide by the rules set in the consensus mechanism, they’re ensured to make the games played fair and free from all types of cheating.

The system also uses a hybrid breed of architecture that works with smart contracts, instead of the players. You can sign in to see the betting records with a private key that is sent to Pig World. Pig World will then upload the records all at one time. And it’s because of this – players don’t have to pay to fuel the platform or any taxes on bets made and awards they receive.

Another additional feature is that in order to maintain the platform, good experience during gameplay is always a guarantee. And this makes Pig World one of the safest platforms that anyone can use through the different Pig Channels. These are off chain systems with unique architecture, for spreading and sharing techniques.

Also, Pig World is attempting to solve the fluctuations that occur when it comes to cryptocurrency values by using the Pig World Coin or PICO. And the tokens used in the game are set at a fixed price, ensuring quality refunds and playing.

About Pig World ICO

The PICO Token is used for the platform, it operates on Bitcoin, Ethereum – any of these can be used to exchange for PICO tokens. And if you want to exchange the tokens for fiat money, just head to your local exchange agent and they can do it no problem.

Once you’re in the system, you can also download the official APP and bet on a game that will manage your PICO. You can also use any support wallet, which supports ERC20 tokens to manage your PICO tokens. And once again, to reiterate, the PICO tokens are always at a fixed price.

You can start at any time and play any game on the list. There are several different games, like Lotto, Bngo, Dice, Baccarat, and Sports. And for the lotto game, there are a few sections, the A&B games that allow you to draw numbers with the potential of winning a draw every time.

Bingo is another of the games, operates with balls – just like traditional Bingo, 8 balls are picked every 80 minutes. And players can purchase as many as 2-5 stars. Each player needs to pick correct numbers, and the odds are always different.

Dice is simple, another game on the platform that is considered to be extremely simple. Basically, you add up the sum of three dice, and follow a set of rules based on the bets you made to determine the winner.

And when it comes to Baccarat, the banker and the player get two cards in the game. And of those, the player who has a number closest to 9 wins. Players are able to win and draw.

The last betting platform is sports, and it’s one of the most popular parts of the platform. You can make bets on pretty much every mainstream sport.

  • Token Symbol: PICO
  • Token Sale Starts: June 28st, 2018 04:00 (UTC+0)
  • Token Sale Ends: July 18st, 2018 04:00 (UTC+0)
  • Token Price: 1 ETH : 25,000 PICOs
  • Total Supply: 400,000,000 PICOs
  • Token Standard: ERC 20

Pig World Road Map

The roadmap created by the founders is exceptional and has gone through some serious ups and downs. As of now you can go to the website and see it first hand, thereby understanding how it works where they company is headed.

Pig World In Conclusion

The platform is one of the newest decentralized networks focused around online gambling. And the team on the platform is solid with a proven, verified background. If you’re looking for a brand-new gaming platform that is ideal for anyone who is into cryptocurrency and gambling, then Pig.World may be the perfect place for you to go to invest and get in on cryptocurrency. You can find out more about Pig.World at the company website of the same spelling and name.

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