Piggy Bank Limited Review

With the amount of attention that cryptocurrencies are now receiving, it comes as no surprise that there are literally tens of blockchain based investment platforms being released to the general public on an almost day-to-day basis.

Piggy Bank Limited is one such venture, whose history can be traced back to the year 2000, when a group of “independent financial analysts” decided to come together and create a financial platform that would provide customers with investment advice/ strategies to maximize their returns.

More About Piggy Bank Limited

In its currency incarnation, Piggy Bank Limited has been designed to help interested crypto investors with financial advice. Through the use of expert analysts, the company provides us with detailed data pertaining to the potential of various crypto assets. Some of the core advantages of this system include:

(i) 24/7 Usability:

Owing to its host of automated features, Piggy Bank provides its users with the ability to invest funds and reap profits at any point during the day or night.

(ii) Expert Backed:

As mentioned previously, the company has employed an array of financial consultants who have been in the crypto/trading domain for a long time.

(iii) Easy to Use:

The platform interface has been designed to be extremely user friendly, and can easily be used by novice/ experienced investors alike.

(iv) Long Term Sustainability:

As per the official company website, Piggy Bank promises its customers with the goal of receiving “long-term profits”.

What’s on Offer?

Some of the key offerings of this platform include

(i) Instant Withdrawals:

Like certain other crypto investment platforms that take a lot of time to process transactional requests, Piggy Bank allows for withdrawals to be made quickly at any time of the day or night. All of our requests are initiated immediately, and the money is available in our linked wallets within a matter of minutes.

(ii) Steady Profits:

As per the company’s website, the platform keeps reinvesting our capital (into profitable ventures) up until the user decides to withdraw their contribution (principal amount).

(iii) Security:

The system has been protected via the use of strong encryption models that offer amazing protection against DDoS attacks.

(iv) Customer Service:

Users who have any doubts or queries in relation to this platform can get in touch with service staff at any point of the day/ night.

(v) Release Deposit:

Another underrated aspect of Piggy Bank is that it allows investors to release their deposit sum after a period of just 3 days (with a 7% interest fee).

Investment Schemes

(i) Piggy 1:

This is the basic investment program being offered to interested clients. Its key features include:

  • Hourly Interest: 0.13%
  • 3.12% daily profit (on the capital invested).
  • Minimum of 0.001 BTC required to participate.
  • Maximum of 4.99 BTC allowed.

(ii) Piggy 2:

This is the 2nd investment scheme available for all customers to make use of. It provides investors with features such as:

  • 0.14% per hour.
  • Daily profits of nearly 3.63%.
  • Minimum Investment amount: 5.00 BTC
  • Maximum Investment of: 7.99 BTC

(iii) Piggy 3:

The core features of this plan include:

  • Hourly profit of 0.18%
  • Daily interest of 4.32% (on principal amount)
  • Minimum Investment Required: 8.00 BTC
  • Maximum Allowed Investment: 12.99 BTC

(iv) Piggy 4:

The core features of this plan include:

  • 0.22% hourly profit
  • Daily profit of 5.28%
  • Minimum Investment Amount: 13 BTC
  • Maximum Investment Amount: 100 BTC.

(v) Affiliate Commission Scheme:

As per official company documents (financial plans), we can see that each registered user is eligible to participate in the Piggy Banks’ “two-level referral program”. It provides incentives ranging between 2%- 5% on each partner's deposit amount.

(vi) Representative Commision:

Though this plan, users are able to gain a total of 7% and 3% from each “attracted active partner's deposit”. However, to become a representative, customers need to fill out some paperwork that can be obtained from the company’s website (homepage).

How Do I Get on Board?

To register, all one has to do is go click on the “Sign Up” button on the top right side of the official website. There are a few legal formalities which need to be completed before users can start to make use of the platform.

However, the process is not complicated, and can be finished within a timeframe of 10-20 minutes. For any further clarifications, users can get in touch with company officials either via email, or through the company’s media portals (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram).


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