PiixPay.com is a platform established on the belief that cryptocurrency is a reliable alternative payment method. The company does everything it can to ensure they grow into this role as crypto coins grow. To ensure they can achieve this goal, they are constantly launching new products to keep them ahead of the curve.

How Does piixPay Payment System Work?

All that is required for you to use the system is to enter the details of the invoice, a name, and an email address. After that, you will be moved to a new screen where you will see the Bitcoins you need to send to the specific address.

After the company gets your Bitcoin, they will conduct the transaction in Euros. They have enough Euros in the bank, which means you do not have to worry about them running out of Euros. Once they see the transaction details, they will pay the bills in Euros.

How Do You Know You Can Trust piixPay?

Their entire model of business is built on trust. If you find it hard to believe their intentions, you can start with a small amount first. Later on, as you transact with them more, you can increase the amount.

How Fast Is Each Transaction Completed?

After a merchant has initiated a request for payment on the site, the transfer of funds will be completed on the next working day. In most cases, transactions take 1-3 days. If it is on a weekend or a holiday, transactions might take a bit longer.

Accessing A Merchant Account

To get this type of account, you simply contact piixpay.com via email. In the email, include the type, location, and the contact information of the business.

How Do You Get Proof Of A Transaction was Completed?

If you require bank proof that piixPay completed your transaction, you only need to write an email to them. Refer to the particular transaction, and you will be provided with the bank proof that you require.

How The PDF Invoice Works

When an invoice is generated, an API call is made to the company’s API with all the details. A raw image or link to the image will then be sent back. This can then be added to the invoice. After a user scans the QR code, the right amount of bitcoins is calculated with reference to the current exchange rate. The user is then directed to their bitcoin wallet with the correct amount and payment address. It is possible to stall payment until the deadline for the invoice.

The service is currently not offered in Moldova, although it is part of the Eurozone. This is because despite using the Euro, the country has yet to join the SEPA zone.

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