It’s easy to find ICOs, but how many of them are really good investments? Not all of them, that’s sure. You have to invest smartly if you want the best returns on investment, so you also have to know which are the best ICOs in the market right now.

To help you out in the task of making the greatest investments, our blog reviews the most interesting ICOs being made on the internet. Today, we will review a new ICO made by PikcioChain.

What is PikcioChain?

PikcioChain is a platform specialized in collecting, exchanging and certificating data. Its goal is to let users trade data services with complete security using cryptocurrency. There are two services that you can use to access PikcioChain: PikcioPro and PikcioMe.

The first service, PikcioPro, is to be used by companies that offer services based on customer data. With the other one, PikcioMe, users can retrieve their data or gain PKC tokens by selling data or certifying it. PikcioChain’s goal, then, is to provide a secure marketplace for data for both the companies and the users.

How Does PikcioChain Work?

A user can use PikcioMe to track their own data. They download and install an app and it acts as a server that retains their information. The service promises a safe way to gather data about your activities and a lucrative way to sell it or authenticate it later.

This way, PikcioChain aims to be a service that not only stores the data but also works as a marketplace for it. To trade their data and use the services enabled by PikcioChain, a user has to have a Pikcio Wallet.

PikcioChain is free to use for users (companies have to pay), but some services can be bought with PKC tokens. It’s also important to note that while the ICO will happen in the future, PikcioMe already exists and can be used right now.

How to Invest in PikcioChain?

To invest in PikcioChain, you have to buy their tokens, PKC. It’s important to note that PKC is neither a share in the company, nor a cryptocurrency, so be aware of this before you purchase tokens. The sale will begin on November 24, but you can buy PKC tokens right now during the Pre-ICO.

You can use BTC, ETH or fiat currency to buy PKC tokens. With 1 BTC you can buy 5000 PKC tokens.

The Verdict

If you are interested in using PikcioChain’s services, you should definitely invest in this ICO. Otherwise, it might not be a good investment of your money.

You have to take into account that when you buy PKC tokens, you are not trading your money for a share or a new altcoin, but for special services inside this specific service. Because of this, this investment only makes sense for investors that intend to be users of PikcioChain.

If you intend to use PikcioChain in your daily activities or for business, then PikcioChain’s ICO is definitely a good investment and you should do it if it suits you.

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