The arcade games were known to be a golden hit in the late 1970s through the 1980s and a mention of such games would draw one’s mind to the past decades. But not with the Pineapple arcade.

With the emergence of the cryptocurrency world a couple of years ago, the innovations and inventions in the crypto space have seen rapid growth much to the delight of investors and crypto maniacs. The gaming industry is also fast adapting and incorporating the use of digital currency in gaming activities world over. And what better way to earn and win bitcoin and other currencies that through online games?

Arcade games are not necessarily for recreation purposes only. You can make a decent living through the online games through the hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrency prices. And fear of fraudulent schemes is no longer a problem. The Pineapple Arcade has bountiful rewards, the games, the furniture, and even the walls hide puzzles and scavenger hunts that hold a promising gaming experience.

What Is Pineapple Arcade?

The Pineapple Arcade is a gaming space that is as a result of the collaborative effort of the Pineapple Fund to open up the crypto space to the world giving puzzling fun and experience to users and allowing them to donate to charity. If you are looking for an awesome experience from arcade games, scavenger hunts, puzzles are you are simply out to win crypto, then Pineapple Arcade might just be the place for you.

How Pineapple Arcade Blockchain Games To Earn Coiin Tokens Works

The games offered by the Pineapple Arcade are completely free to play. All you need to do is explore. You don’t even need to own bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency to play a game. And they are quite a few of the old school arcade games which when combined with the new wave of crypto magic gives a sense of nostalgia and awesome puzzling fun.

The Pineapple Arcade works by rewarding players with Coiins as the cryptocurrency rewards. Players are encouraged to play individually or as a team to increase chances of solving puzzles and winning in scavenger hunts. Coiins are won each time certain conditions are met. The sponsors of the Pineapple Arcade contest are Blockade Games, LLC, Pineapple Fund and Coiin. Players are expected to create an account by submitting a metamask address and valid email.

Pineapple Arcade Final Thoughts

Arcade games are no longer old school entertainment. Not with the crypto twist that Pineapple Arcade brings into this mix.

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