Digital marketing is an ever-growing industry expected to reach a value of fifty billion by the year 2025. Currently digital advertising wastes users’ bandwidth and are often times shown to people who either ignore the ads or are not interested.

What Is Pingvalue?

The Pingvalue platform aims to deliver a new advertising option that preserves user’s privacy while improving ad quality, security, and relevancy. By removing the intermediaries, advertising costs can be lowered without sacrificing results. Removing intermediaries will also create a more transparent system reducing fraud while allowing the values of Pingcoin to grow leading to a successful Pingvalue platform.

Platforms users who are tired of online advertising will appreciate how Pingvalue works to target advertising and gives users the chance to tailor the advertising they receive. Pingvalue will be available on multiple devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Users can use the platform to access discounts and coupons for goods and services nearby their home or office simply by opening Pingvalue.

Businesses who use Pingvalue will appreciate how easy it is to see their marketing dollars at work through the visual dashboard helping users make informed decisions regarding their marketing strategies.

One of the strongest examples of a successful Pingvalue application for businesses is through shopping malls. Pingvalue offers free Wi-Fi hotspots for shoppers to access coupons and promotions offered by businesses within the mall who want to give consumers a tailored experience. This experience could include personal shopping appointments, extra savings, or even package delivery to their car or home.

Wi-Fi hotspots hosted by Pingvalue also make it easy for users to share their purchases online through social media reaching out to friends and family who may also be interested in the featured products. Additionally, Pingvalue offers consumers access to reliable reviews by real people helping them make better-informed shopping decisions.

Pingvalue offers businesses a way to follow their best customers to see what they are interested in helping to create better shopping experiences ultimately leading to an increase in sales and earnings by using this platform.

Seven different languages are available for engaging with the Pingvalue platform including English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. This platform is available worldwide.

Pingvalue PCO ICO Details

Pingvalue’s ICO aims to use Pingcoin tokens to improve targeted marketing for small and large-scale businesses. Pingspots will be developed to give businesses a better understanding of their consumers and what they are looking for. Pingcoins can be used to purchase targeted advertising space within Pingspots.

Businesses who own Pingspots will be rewarded with a portion of the revenue earned through advertising as well as earn discounts and rewards for being actively involved. Users will also be rewarded for interacting with the platform through extra savings and rewards.

There are 600 million Pingcoins available for purchase. Each token costs €0.0625 and purchases made through the ICO Pre-Sale will receive bonuses between ten to fifty percent depending on purchasing amount. Pingcoin purchases are capped at one million tokens per user.

Purchases of Pingcoins can be made using BTC, ETH, and Euros. During the ICO process PCO tokens can only be purchased through the Pingvalue website at

The distribution of Pincoins is 20% reserved for private sales, 60% for ICO participants, 5% for the foundation, and 15% reserved for the platform founders. The ICO period will end on March 11, 2018.

The Pingvalue Smart City Advertising Services Team

Thirty-seven professionals make up the Pingvalue team each bringing a strong background of expertise in platform development, marketing, social media research, and app development.

Pingvalue Conclusion

This platform appears to offer digital solutions for both users as well as businesses who want to improve their marketing strategies. By giving shoppers a more personalized experience users will appreciate that they will only see ads for products and services that they have shown interest towards.

On the business side of the platform, Pingvalue offers a range of services not available to businesses. By offering an easy to use dashboard, businesses can see how their marketing efforts are working and where they need to make changes to improve customer service and sales.

Interested consumers can learn more about the Pingvalue platform at where there is detailed information about the ICO process as well as videos showing the platform in action.

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