PinkDate PDP ICO Review

It’s amazing what technology has achieved over the years. It has transformed almost every through disruptive technologies. The introduction of blockchain technology that facilitates person to person secure and decentralized transfers, as well the growth of e-commerce systems has done wonders. They have enabled convenient and quick transactions in enterprises improving efficiency and ultimately productivity.

When I say tech innovations have had an impact in almost every industry, I mean exactly that because, even the escort services industry has not been left behind by the digital revolution. First of all, escort services are a risky business. Secondly, the escort services market is very sensitive requiring great caution between a client and an escort.

As such, trying to operate escort services without a stable system shows inefficiency since you can’t guarantee maximum security for your contacts. For instance, you may not have enough time to screen through involved parties in an effort to plan successful dates. But, such challenges are a thing of the past with PinkDate new emerging innovations.

What is PinkDate PDP?

PinkDate is a web-based escorting services platform designed to grow quickly and expand worldwide. According to the company, one of their objectives is to grow and operate in about 30 cities in four different countries within a span of three years. Starting with Canada, their goal is to immediately extend to large cities in the US and expand to a few other countries. They are also targeting over 6,000 users on the platform.

So, what exactly does PinkDate do? PinkDate provides escorts and clients with a platform to securely and directly communicate with each other. Built on the blockchain, the platform integrates comprehensive searches, bookings, payments, and screenings into one single user-friendly user interface. Clients can enter detailed search qualities and look through all the available escorts.

After that, they can make immediate bookings and requests. On the other hand, escorts can browse clients screening info, offer advance availability and accept payments. All parties benefit from these fast and efficient interactions which save their time and money. Most importantly, is that the communications are safe and verifiable which lessens the risks of traditional escort services.

Revenue Generation

PinkDate makes profits by charging 20 percent of every transaction which is on an average of about $400. The company projects to make around 59,000 transactions every month after three years totaling to nearly $56M in Revenue. For investors, PinkDate provides a chance to make an initial investment and grow with the business making dividends of up to 50 % ROI.

Is PinkDate PDP ICO Safe?

Yes. PinkDate is safe for clients, escorts as well as investors. The platform is typically designed to be highly profitable as well as secure and impenetrable. The fact that it is on built on blockchain confirms the authenticity of its transactions.

According to info posted on their site, PinkDate is confident of the security of their system with regard to providing anonymity for all users. It’s just a matter of time before PinkDate becomes the leading choice for quality companionship dating for clients and escorts and as well as offering competitive revenue benefits to investors.

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