Pinnacle Brilliance BRIL ICO

Pinnacle Brilliance is a Stellar-based token that will be used within a full-featured investment app called Pinnacle. Find out how Pinnacle Brilliance works today in our review.

What Is Pinnacle Brilliance BRIL?

Pinnacle Brilliance is a full-featured investment app that aims to connect all major exchanges and brokerages into a single access point. You’ll be able to spend a cryptocurrency called Brilliance (BRIL) on the Pinnacle investment app. You can use BRIL to pay for trading fees, for example, or to copy other traders.

The company describes Pinnacle as “the solution to the problem of separation of exchanges and brokerages which has existed for 6000 years.”

How Does Pinnacle Work?

Pinnacle’s trading platform aims to integrate all major brokerages and exchanges into one unified platform. The company will integrate “every major brokerage and exchange across forex, stocks and shares, and crypt worlds.” The end result is a single app that can be used to trade multiple assets and products.

In layman’s terms, Pinnacle will allow you to purchase multiple investment products from a single platform. The goal is to make Pinnacle your primary point of access to the growing world of crypto and CFD investments.

Some of the exchanges that will be included in the Pinnacle platform include crypto exchanges like Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kraken, and Cryptopia, as well as forex exchanges like 1Broker,, FXCM, SimpleFX, Tradersway, Metatrader, and TD Ameritrade. It’s unclear what kind of partnership Pinnacle will have with any of these exchanges.

Pinnacle’s key features will include automated trading features for beginners as well as professional-grade trading tools for higher-end traders.

Pinnacle Features

Pinnacle advertises all of the following features:

  • Access to every major trading exchange, including the ability to execute all trading functions from within the platform
  • Multi-device support, including support for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • Fully automated arbitrage trading between all exchanges
  • The ability to copy and follow professional traders as they place trades across multiple platforms
  • Extensive charting app for all exchanges with advanced AI trade pattern recognition/identification and trade setup alerts for professionals
  • Proprietary trading strategy signals with 80%+ accuracy and programmable executions for any exchange and any market
  • Encrypted group messaging and monetized communications features where professionals can offer trade recommendation subscriptions, including trading strategies and tips, group-based training, and more
  • Pinnacle automated trading systems geared towards 1:1 trading of crypto and stocks with exceptionally low risks and consistent rates of return
  • Portfolio investments where investors can build short-term and long-term value

Obviously, some of these features sound very shady. Few companies promise trading signals with 80%+ accuracy rates, for example. It’s also unusual that Pinnacle consistently mentions its “exceptionally low risks” and “consistent rates of return”. Cryptocurrency investing is one of the riskiest forms of investing on the market. There’s no sure thing. It’s unusual that Pinnacle is leading investors to believe that there’s no risk involved whatsoever, and that they can expect consistent profits through a mysterious automated trading system.

How Do Brilliance Tokens Work?

Brilliance tokens, or BRIL, are Stellar-based tokens that will perform a number of functions within the Pinnacle investment platform.

Brilliance is designed to offer fast, cheap transfers, making it easy for traders to quickly transfer value between exchanges.

BRIL tokens can also be used for copy trading, or to pay subscription service fees on the platform. Transaction fees, trading bonuses, and the tips marketplace will also use BRIL tokens.

The Brilliance Token (BRIL) ICO

The BRIL pre-ICO is scheduled for January 15 to January 30, 2018. The company is selling 25% of the total supply of BRIL during the pre-ICO, which means you can purchase tokens for $0.75 per BRIL.

By the time the general ICO begins, the price will be $1 USD = 1 BRIL. The ICO is scheduled for January 31 to February 25, 2018.

Who’s Behind Pinnacle Brilliance?

Pinnacle is led by founder Roman Guelfi-Gibbs, listed as “team leader, professional trader, trading systems/strategy design, public relations, marketing, author.” Other key members of the team include Edward Dale (Project Manager) and Zach Holmes (Expert Software Engineer).

The company lists an address in Belize as its headquarters.

Pinnacle Brilliance BRIL ICO Conclusion

Pinnacle makes big claims about its effectiveness as an investment solution. The company aims to connect all major cryptocurrency and forex exchanges into one single investment app. The company claims that every crypto user will eventually be using their app. They also claim that investors can access signals with 80%+ accuracy through the platform while enjoying consistent profits with no risk.

The platform revolves around the use of Brilliance tokens, or BRIL. These tokens can be used to pay transaction fees on the platform. You can also spend BRIL tokens to copy other traders.

You can learn more about the unique investment platform online today at

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