Pirate Conquest: Livestar's Blockchain Crypto Game Built on Ethereum

There is a new crypto game in the market that has been built on the Ethereum blockchain called the Pirate Conquest. On the platform players are able to find themselves recruiting a number of pirate characters to be part of their crew, you will also be able to form alliances, upgrade your ships, thieving and various more exciting features that you should look forward to as a player.

More About The Platform

On the 22nd of June is when the commencement of a pre-sale event took place for the platform. The event was able to allow all the players on the platform to get a small head start before the game actually goes for its full launch. At this event, as a player you should expect about three unique Pirates that will be made available for sale, having a limit of about 30 pirates for each.

The company has ensured that this will be the only time that these pirates will be made available to the players for direct purchase. After the event you might need to obtain these pirates through trading, stealing or recruiting them from the other players who are in the game.

Livestar has designed the platform, this is a partner of Bitguild. The company has ensured they have the best team of passionate individuals who are aiming to create a unique and also engaging blockchain game that will keep players glued.

The Game Integrations

One of the noteworthy features that you should expect on this platform is having two major established blockchain games; this will be CryptoCountries and the CryptoKitties. The first game will allow all the individuals who are possessing the CryptoKitties token the ability to generate a new kind of ERC721 pirate cat that could be used on the Pirate Conquest game.

With these cats you will be able to protect your resource from those pesky mice; thus, it will allow you to get a little ahead. But it is important to note that the maximum CryptoKitties you are able to trade has been set to nine.

How Can You Sign Up For The Game?

The first thing you will need to have is a MetaMask plugin that is installed in your browser. And from here it is all easy, just click on the login option on the site that is you will find on the main page, and just follow the prompts that appear. Once registered you are able to enjoy this new game that has just hit the market.

Our Take On The Pirate Conquest Game

The online gaming world is an area that has been rapidly growing over the years, and most of the online games are around the Ethereum ecosystem. Some of the very popular dApps you will find are actually games, and from here it has led to a whole market that is being built around the new concept of crypto collectibles.

With the rapid changes and growth taking place in the market it is great to get into a unique opportunity while it is still young.

Getting early into a game like this will offer you an incredible chance in owning the rare items made available in the platform. And once the game has taken off be sure you will be making a good profit when you sell the tokenized items in the game. So go ahead and register on the platform.

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