Pirl Blockchain Platform

What Is Pirl?

PIRL is a community project based on the Ethereum Blockchain that has developed the world’s first Ethash Based Masternode for the blockchain ecosystem. Combined with advanced technology, Pirl will become the first complete DApps hosting platform that seeks to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies and related technologies, which will further result in development of the cryptocurrency industry.

Additionally, Pirl aims at simplifying processes for dApps developers while providing them with an intuitive experience through its wide variety of features such as Escrow protected trading, entertainment, communication, and Decentralized File Storage.

Pirl Crypto Community With Ethash Masternode Features

Pirl Marketplace

This is a Peer-to-peer marketplace where users could securely buy or sell products and services and make payments using the network’s native currency. Sellers can customize their shops to attract more customers. The marketplace will also connect the freelance community to potential employers in the business community.

After each transaction, both parties can use Rating and feedback system to rate their satisfaction with the transaction. In case there are disagreements during the transaction, the dispute management system will resolve the issues through a trade audit.


The PirlApp is an all-in-one application that can be accessed through mobile and desktop devices and provides users with various functionalities that include Decentralized File Sharing & Storage, access to Decentralized Escrow Protected Marketplace and Live Streaming and Video Sharing. DApp developers can also add their applications to the platform.

Project Incubator Program

This program will incentivize developers by allowing them to take part in contests and win prizes as well as create connections and partnerships with blockchain development academies.


This will be the platform’s payment gateway that users could link to their wallet and access the services offered by Pirl. PirlPay will enable the adoption of Pirl as a payment option by merchants, service providers, and eCommerce platform.


The EZminer enables anyone with access to a GPU to mine Pirl through three easy steps without necessarily having any advanced experience on cryptocurrencies.


This is a single point of entry that provides users with access to Pirl’s features and capabilities such as Blockchain Explorer, Masternodes Control Panel, Poseidon Wallet, and the marketplace.

Competitive Advantages

Community Engagement

Pirl will create a strong community that prioritizes on engagement by enabling all the users in the ecosystem to make suggestions, collaboration, endorsements, and criticism in order to help the platform select the best approach that will result in a user-friendly environment.

Convenient Decentralized Applications

The Pirl platform will develop and host a wide variety of DApps that are practical for the users and provide the users with all the benefits that the technology has to offer such as privacy and scalability and can be used for communication, storage, trading, and entertainment.

Decentralized Storage For dApps Data

Compared to other similar dApps platforms where data is stored centrally, Pirl will use a network of IPFS masternodes that will enable the Pirl platform to host the dApps on a decentralized storage while ensuring that the entire infrastructure remains on the Pirl network.

Scalable And Secure

To reduce scalability issue, the masternode holders will receive a share of the block rewards or payments for the hardware they provide to the network.

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