Pixar Keen

Pixar Keen promises to pay you to perform simple, fast online tasks. Find out if Pixar Keen is a legitimate service today in our review.

What Is Pixar Keen?

Pixar Keen is a community of users who perform fast, simple online tasks in exchange for small amounts of money. The community can be found online at PixarKeen.com, where anyone is free to join.

Members post tasks in the marketplace, then users complete the tasks. A member might post a task to help a company’s social media influence grow, for example, like asking users to tweet about a company or post something to Facebook.

Pixar Keen isn’t just used by random internet marketing gurus, however. Pixar Keen claims that its clients include Amazon, Best Buy, Etsy, Newegg, Ikea, The Home Depot, and other big players.

Pixar Keen appears to be based in London. The company was incorporated in June 2017.

How does a one month old company already have clients like Amazon, Best Buy, and Ikea? We’re not really sure. But let’s take a closer look at how Pixar Keen works.

How To Use Pixar Keen

Pixar Keen claims to offer free signups. However, the signup page requires a referral ID in order to join. Aside from that required referral ID, Pixar Keen appears to be free. You sign up, then start completing tasks.

How Does Pixar Keen Work?

Here’s the basic idea of how Pixar Keen works:

Members post tasks in the marketplace. Members might post tasks to help their business grow, for example, or increase their social following and make more money.

Users complete the tasks. Tasks are described as “simple and fast online actions”. They could include sharing a social media post, liking a social media page, liking a website, and similar actions. Some of them require filling out a web form, while others are as simple as following someone on Twitter or watching a video.

Users earn rewards. Pixar Keen claims to use a “proprietary technology” to track when users complete the task, then instantly give users rewards based on that action.

How Much Money Can You Make With Pixar Keen?

Pixar Keen doesn’t publish any specific financial information upfront. However, the company claims you can make a decent income through their platform. In a YouTube video for the company, they ask if you’re “tired of your boring 9-5 job” and “still struggling with your daily financial problems”. If so, then Pixar Keen is a job opportunity for you.

Yes, Pixar Keen specifically advertises itself as a job opportunity. To be fair, they claim it’s a part-time job opportunity. Nevertheless, they don’t explain anything about how much money you can expect to make per month.

However, Pixar Keen does say things like “what are you waiting for? Join the revolution and live your dreams” to imply that you can make a significant amount of money through the platform.

Is Pixar Keen Legitimate?

Pixar Keen’s marketing is misleading. The company prominently features the logos of Amazon, Ikea, and other top retailers on its website – which is unusual, considering the corporation is a month old.

In reality, Pixar Keen is a data analysis company that helps multinational corporations get real-time data from different websites.

Pixar Keen claims that “many top companies provide yearly contracts for data to Pixar Keen”. Then, Pixar Keen gives subcontracts to people on their platform.

Contract plans range from $60 to $12,000. Meanwhile, Pixar Keen gives a portion of that money to users on their platform.

Overall, Pixar Keen doesn’t seem to partner with Amazon and Ikea directly. Instead, they partner with companies that sell products through these merchants. However, this part of Pixar Keen’s business model isn’t well explained. There isn’t much information available online about how the company works.

Pixar Keen Services For Corporations

Pixar Keen provides data analysis services to corporations. Here are some of the services you can access by signing up for Pixar Keen:

  • Focus on products where your competitors sell more, then do a gap analysis and optimize product assortment to give you a competitive advantage
  • Real-time pricing can help corporations keep prices competitive and profitable
  • Offline retailers can’t change prices instantly, but online retailers can; Pixar Keens’ data analysis tools provide automated price comparisons to assist you in benchmarking against competitors and incorporating automated intelligence to your pricing strategy
  • Improve customer experience, affordability, and ease of delivery

About Pixar Keen

Pixar Keen was incorporated in June 2017, according to UK corporation registration listings. The company is categorized as providing “information technology consultancy activities.” Pixar Keen is based at the following address in London:

160 Kemp House
London, UK EC1V 2NX

You can contact the company by email at [email protected]

Pixar Keen Conclusion

Pixar Keen is a unique platform that claims to have partnered with Amazon, Ikea, and other major retailers – despite the fact that the corporation is barely a month old. The London-based company appears to offer data analysis services to multinational corporations, and they claim to have signed many companies to annual contracts.

Meanwhile, on the user side of things, users can get paid to perform small tasks online – like sharing a post on social media or following someone on Twitter.

Overall, the Pixar Keen platform is vague and lacks information. Signups are free, although you need a referral ID to complete the signup process. Pixar Keen doesn’t specifically claim how much money you can make, although a YouTube video announcing the company seems to encourage people to quit their “boring 9 to 5” jobs and start working for Pixar Keen to “live your dreams.”

Ultimately, you may want to wait for more information about Pixar Keen to come online before you sign up.

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  1. It’ is a fraud. Please do not go in, you work for them u see the money in your account grow but as soon as you withdraw, this money money leaves your account and that would be the last time you get to see it again. It disappears and no matter the email messages you send, there would be replies.

    It’s a ponzi scheme to rip u off ur hard earned money and coins.


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