What Is Pixinch?

Pixinch is a new online marketplace for digital art such as digital paintings and 3D animation, with the implementation of blockchain technology. The platform anticipates to become the leading resource for digital art by bringing together artists, collectors, art lovers and traders.

Pixinch seeks to improve the situation of the current digital market. Some of the major problems facing digital art include difficulty in certifying ownership of art, formats that are problematic to monetize, difficulty in estimating the values, and challenges in getting exposure.

How Pixinch Decentralized Blockchain Art Market Works

The platform aims at giving artists a chance to share, sell, and protect their art, which will result in popularizing them. Artists can register their artwork on the blockchain platform easily. The registration process begins by the artists uploading their art on platform. The uploaded artwork receives a unique signature, which is not alterable or forgeable that will be a proof of creation. Its then stored on the blockchain. The registered artwork will be identified as non-fungible token (NFT) or a new crypto-collectible and can be sold to interested users.

Due to the decentralization of blockchain, there will be no barriers to entry into the art sale. Therefore, anyone can access the art market and information to all the transactions happening on the platform. There are also no geographical restrictions for buyers, sellers, and collectors of art.

Pixinch Benefits


Once an artist registers on the platform, they receive a proof of ownership and certificates at an affordable cost, which will protect their artwork from fraud. The unique signature issued for artwork cannot be altered unless access is granted to Pixinich vault where the file is stored. In addition, access to the vault or any modifications made to the unique signature is recorded on the blockchain therefore ensuring transparency.

The platform will also protect collectors from fraudulent artists as all the artwork’s transaction history will be recorded on the blockchain and thus easily monitored.

Decentralized Art Market Place

The platform will ensure that art is democratized to everyone as the blockchain technology ensures that no one person owns it and all data on the platform is available for monitoring by the public.


Artists can share their digital artwork all around the world due to the streaming gallery feature on the platform. Art lovers all over the world can also buy, collect, or share art.

Pixinch PIN Token ICO Details

The ICO for the PIN token started on February 27th and will last 45 days. The accepted payment method for investing is Ethereum.

Pixinich (PIN) token, which is Ethereum based, will be the cryptocurrency used in valuing, quoting, selling or paying for artwork on the platform. The token will ensure liquidity of exchanges on the platform. Owners of the tokens can use it to make investments fund on the platform and in doing so earn capital gains in form of fiat currency. There will also be token rewards based on a user’s participation or activeness on the platform. The tokens are tradable on various cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase and Kraken.

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