Pizza For Coins is the brainchild of Riley Alexander and Aaron Soleimani. Riley Co-Founded ForCoinsLLC back in early 2013 and has been involved in many bitcoin ventures ever since while Aaron is Focused on user happiness feeding one hungry pizza lover at a time.

Expanding The Use For Bitcoin

Not only is the Pizza For Coins team passionate about the cryptocurrency universe, they are also very passionate about making world-class pizzas. To exemplify the team’s trust in Bitcoin and its future, the company started accepting Bitcoin as payments way back in February of 2013. This makes them one of the original Bitcoin merchants.

The founders created the website to expand the usability of bitcoins on the open market. They created the platform with a simple agenda in mind, to provide their customers the ability to order a pizza with payments in Bitcoins and have the Pizza delivered to your doorstep quickly and efficiently.

Problems With The Service

The problem with their service is that they accept payment only in bitcoins and not in any Altcoins or Fiat currencies. This limits a general adaptability of the platform to a few Bitcoin holders that want to make a Bitcoin transaction.

Additionally, there have been widespread complaints across the internet of the company not returning the customer’s Bitcoins when they fail to provide services. The company had been really active across social media and operations in till 2015 but seems to have slowed down since.

Based on what can be seen, it is highly possible that this site is trying to use the famous pizza for bitcoin story from ages ago to attempt a scam. A better alternative to this system is that you directly contact the pizza place and offer them bitcoin directly in return for pizza.

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