The iGaming sector is receiving substantial support in the recent days. And together with the fast innovations taking place in the digital world, we cannot afford but hope only for the best. However, the industry is yet to hit its comfort zone as several challenges keep popping up on a daily basis. Most of this issues tend to relate to poor data management habits, an issue that costs investors a sizeable amount of contributions on a regular basis. But what if, we could find a better way to store user data for future reference? PLACTAL exclusively for those needs. But what exactly is it all about?


PLACTAL is not just like any other gaming platform but rather a data-centric decentralized mobile game advertising platform that aspires to connect game companies with gamers. All this takes place within an enclosed ecosystem eliminating the use of intermediaries.

PLACTAL Features

The Plactal site plans to make use of some tools to enhance the interaction between game companies and gamers;

  • The PLACTAL PLAY app that would allow gamers to update the gameplay information on their respective blockchain portfolios.
  • The PLACTAL Token ( PLT) that would be a means of transaction and reward offering
  • The PLACTAL AD CONSOLE that would allow game companies to search for gamers' resumes to identify target audiences.
  • Blockchain technology for algorithm verification of data

How Does PLACTAL Work?

Interested users of the PLACTAL platform would gain access to the App from which they can share their details and acquire PLT tokens. Gamers get to earn PLT for participating in games and use the tokens to cash out and make payments. While doing this, they get to reserve the game value as their date remains in the blockchain systems. PLACTAL Play users receive GEM after the verification of their data after which they can convert them to PLT after seven days.

On the other hand, game companies release payments for ad performance per play. They also get the opportunity to display efficient ads as they use the system gamer data, which helps them make direct announcements at a lower cost. The more data a gamer has, the more value they have hence a higher bargaining power. Gamer rewards increase with the expansion of the platform

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Sales Information

The Plactal site will issue a total of 1 Million PLT tokens of which only 400 Million will undergo token sale. Currently, the platform is conducting a private sale after which they will announce the preliminary sale schedules. EOS crypto will be acceptable in the token deal.

The token allocation would include 40% contributor, 20% team, 10% early investors and 30% reserve. And the use proceeds 45% development, 40% marketing, 10% operations and 5% contingency.

Plactal ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: PLT
  • Total Supply: 1 Billion PLT
  • Token Standard: EOS
  • Soft Cap: 12M USD
  • Hard Cap: 24M USD

Plactal Conclusion

The PLACTAL platform seems to offer a lot of advantages to all its users. Gamers get to receive incentives for their data and for playing games, while game companies get to increase their income through highly effective ads. If anything is to go by the information on the white paper, then this would be a go for investment opportunity for both gamers and game companies.

Regardless, we cannot afford to disregard the possibility of failure that comes as a risk in any venture. Therefore, we urge you to invest wisely as the idea is still fresh.

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