Balancing the stability of cryptocurrency value and returns is a challenging task for most crypto fans. However, several blockchain firms are offering investment services to cryptocurrency users and miners. The Plan-C platform expects to invite investors and help them generate optimal returns from solid investment strategies. The strategy will entail the platform splitting the investment amount into mining (60%), trading (20%), ICO and altcoins (20%).

The mining facilitate several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum among others to make solid profits for the investor. The grading option will capitalize in the markets, with buying and selling of cryptocurrency. That is also expected to take place for most of the altcoins the platform plans to participate. All investors will access their ROI payments through an electronic wallet on a weekly basis for the mining and trading whereas the ICO and altcoins will have monthly pay-outs.

How Plan-C CryptoMix Works

The Plan-C platform offers membership starting at a rate of $50 in bitcoin, with additional investment according to the package of your choice. Through a communal ROI pool, each affiliate investor will get three packages to choose from in the form of shares. The Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages will offer a higher ROI with each stage giving the user one, five and they shares respectively. The platform holds no limit on investment however for each ROI payments; the firm plans to keep 10% as re-investment.

The referral commissions work on a universal compensation structure with a top-level affiliate and recruits. Each affiliate earns accordingly to their level although the commissions rely on how much you invest.

The Plan-C CryptoMix Earn Crypto By Mining Bitcoins Downside

The Plan-C platform provides little information on who runs the business, and this raises suspicion on the owners. Such a situation might seem minor. However, most scams have a common trait of ghost owners. For a company to win over your confidence, they should come from who runs or owns it.

Additionally, the company claims to have its staff within Georgia without much further information. There is nothing to substantiate whether the offices or even the staff exists. The only clue is a document purportedly from the Justice Ministry in Georgia of the platform's incorporation certificate back in 2017.

The firm also claims to generate ROI revenue by combining mining, investment, and trading of altcoins and ICOs. The program lacks the roadmap on how the platform plans to do this, and there is no correlation between revenue generation and affiliate ROI payments.

Although Georgia is among the best places with affordable electricity costs, it does not guarantee a substantial ROI plan for your investment journey. That might just be an obvious bait for a fixed one-time fee generating which is not yet sustainable.

Plan-C CryptoMix Conclusion

All the traits of Plan-C one point to a somewhat Ponzi-like scheme. This is due to the use of funds to pay existing affiliates an ROI. And as with Ponzi schemes once the affiliate base increase to an exponential level the funds will dwindle. That is where Plan-C will eventually collapse with the majority of stakeholders losing their money.

The Plan-C one platform has no tangible product or service that can offset whenever losses occur. That also means that the platform is operating on the boundaries of a pyramid scheme and a definite no-go zone if you want to protect your finances.

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