Ecommerce is a domain that has primarily flourished with the advent of the internet. However, in the past decade, major corporations have started to control the flow of goods online, and as a result of this, there has been a serious lack of competition in this sector. This is where blockchain technology holds massive potential.

Through the use of the blockchain network, independent startups can provide customers with goods at cheaper rates, as well as in a more transparent and streamlined manner.

About PlanCoin PLAN

PlanCoin is an all new ”cryptocurrency” that has been designed to serve a payment solution for real world transactions. It can be used for standard e-commerce processes and is based entirely within the blockchain. Also, it should be mentioned that the platform makes use of a native algorithmic structure called “SCRYPT”.

This design module has been made to assist users with:

  • Seamless online trading
  • Execution of payments for employees, business partners
  • Online shopping.

Not only that, the company also claims that though the use of Plancoin, customers can severly minimize the cost of operating their businesses, as well as reduce their per transaction costs.

Other Key aspects of this service include:

(i) Speed:

One of the core advantages of using Plancoin is its speed of processing transactions. Through the use of a specially devised Peer-to-Peer network, this service is able to help reduce processing speeds quite substantially (any monetary transaction is conducted within a matter of seconds).

(ii) Distance Independent:

All of the transactions that occur within this network are completely independent of the geographical distance between the two involved parties. This is especially useful in cases where the buyers and sellers are located at two different corners of the planet.

What's Being Offered To Me?

Some of the opportunities that can be availed of via the use of this platform include:

(i) Staking:

According to the company’s official whitepaper, Plancoin allows users to stake their held currency so as to reap annual profits in a steady, sustainable manner.

(ii) Lending Programs:

There are a few lending schemes that are available for users to avail of. Though the use of these packages, customers will be guaranteed a daily as well as a monthly profit flow. The ROI’s outlined on the website have been claimed to be as high as 40%.

(iii) Mining:

Another facet of this technology that is quite intriguing is its ability to dole out incentives to customers via the use of various mining avenues.

(iv) Trading:

After the conclusion of the ICO, the company will release its own Currency Exchange platform that will allow customers to trade their coins so as to reap profits.

(v) Digital Wallet:

To perform all of the aforementioned activities, Plan is currently offering all of its customers with a free wallet that can be operated on a wide array of platforms including Linux, MAC, Android, iOS, Windows.

(vi) Free API:

The system is open source based, and the API is available for download at github.

PlanCoin PLAN ICO Token Details

As mentioned previously, all of the transactions going through the system will be done via the use of native tokens called Plan. In all, there will be a total of 35,000,000 coins that will be created. To purchase the currency, users can make payments via the use of BTC.

The sale of the tokens will be help in two separate phases, namely:

(i) Pre ICO:

During this period, there will be a total of 1,400,000 PLAN that will be available for users to purchase. The exchange rate for this currency will be maintained at: $0.42 = 1 PLAN, and the start date for this phase is on the 18th of January 2018 (GMT -7).

(ii) ICO:

This period will feature a large currency pool that will consist of 6,100,000 Plan tokens. The sale will start on the 24th of January 2018, and end on the 23rd of February. During this phase, there will be five separate rounds that will offer investors with different bonuses and incentives.

Token Allocation Scheme

  • 4% of the currency bank has been reserved for the Pre ICO
  • 17% will be made available during the crowdsale
  • 49% of all Plan tokens will be made available for mining purposes.
  • 17% of the tokens have been reserved for staking and other similar investment schemes.
  • 10% of all coins have been reserved for company partners.
  • The remaining 13% have been kept aside for the core development team.

Resource Allocation

  • 51% of all collected revenue will go towards platform advertising and marketing.
  • 15% has been set aside for further business development.
  • 12% of the funds will be used for tech-dev.
  • 12% of the revenue will be used to dole out incentives and bonuses.
  • The remaining 10% of the money will be used to cover for legal and admin costs.

For further enquiries and details regarding PlanCoin PLAN, users can get in touch with company officials via email.

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