Each day new investment opportunities present themselves, but it is important to note that not all have the intention to increase your income. One of those platforms that we feel you should stay clear of is the Planet-Ether. Read on to find out why this might not be the platform for you.

More About Planet Ether Donations Program

The platform immediately promises to offer investors an opportunity that will help create a generation income for both the investor and their families. This would quickly get you intrigued as with every investment opportunity we get into is to better the lives of our loved ones. But do not get drawn by such beautiful words, what matters in every investment opportunity you get into is the system they have in place and the strategies they have to deliver what they promise.

The platform goes ahead to say it is able to build or help you create a crypto portfolio, by ensuring you grabbing the best positioning this is under your sponsor in the platform. When they have incorporated the sponsor aspect, it gets a little confusing as to how you will get your returns with the sponsor of the platform.

The company goes ahead to say that the platform has been designed to be a simple and also explosive donation program that has around three active 2×3 phases. With such terminologies, it gets an investor a little confused on how the platform actually works and is not as simple as the company claims it to be.

To start earning on this platform you first register and create an account; then you will be able to donate to begin your journey. The company has not specified on why and what exactly you are donating. And from here they expect you to invite a number of friends to the platform where they will also create an account and donate for you also to receive donations.

Our Thoughts On Planet Ether

So essentially it is about people getting others on the platform to donate so that you get your cut. Seems to be a lot of work, especially when there are simpler options in the market you could explore in growing your funds. From us we feel this platform is not the option for you to invest, but if you feel it is one you would want to explore we would say that you invest cautiously.

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