Among the numerous changes in the rapidly evolving corporate landscape, platformization is perhaps the most outstanding. As days go by, more companies ditch their traditional operation models in favor of this new development.

For instance, Facebook launched as a socialization app for Harvard students, Google was exclusively a search engine and Apple empathized on the production of premium computing devices. Nowadays, these three firms provide a wide array of services, including some that were inconceivable during their inauguration. Fundamentally, they are the quintessence of platformization.

What Is Platformization?

Platformization is the establishment of a marketplace as a service. The objective of the platform is to create an inventory, rather than availing additional products. Essentially, the platform acts as the intermediary between suppliers and consumers. In this digital era, online platforms earn their revenue through the creation of ecosystems. Therefore, the fate of an institution (success of failure) is heavily dependent on the developer ecosystem.

An ideal ecosystem should have the ability to integrate the input of external influencers without inhibiting the creativity of the developer. This is because the developer is the cornerstone of any digital platform, making them invaluable to any business.

Preferably, a platform should have a corresponding ecosystem that is flourishing. In such scenarios, developers profit from the availability of a cutting-edge infrastructure, while consumers benefit from the presence of a wide range of products and services, as well as an enhanced user experience. On the other hand, platform owner will enjoy an increased number of clients, resulting in a significant growth in overall revenue.

Remarkably, the top fifteen platform firms in the world have a gross market capitalization amounting to a whopping $2.6 trillion. Evidently, these corporate giants are adopting platformization since it leads to a significant increase in the total revenue amassed.

What Is ReadyPlayGo?

ReadyPlayGo is a creative, licensed and regulation compliant game hosting platform created for game developers and publishers. In addition to offering a conducive environment for the development and distribution of state-of-the-art real money gaming titles, this platform brings together elite minds who have one particular shared interest – gaming.

Notably, ReadyPlayGo is based on blockchain technology, meaning that all transactions on the platform are secure, transparent and legally compliant. Also, the inalterability and verifiable nature of the blockchain eliminates the possibility of fraud, promotes fairness and guarantees the epitome of compliance.

Naturally, a more robust ecosystem translates to a more valuable platform. As of now, the real money gaming genre has a substantial vacuum, primarily because the two leading app stores (Apple’s App Store and Google Play) do not permit the publishing of such titles. ReadyPlayGo aims to address this problem by providing a platform that is adherent to the set legal requirements. Soon, ReadyPlayGo will become one of the world’s prominent gaming app stores.

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