Blockchain lending platforms got off to a good start initially but most left the market leaving the sector with a bad name. However, a new industry player – Platonius, is set to change that by doing things differently than its predecessors to ensure its lending platform is not only successful but thriving.

What Is Platonius?

Platonius seeks to be a sustainable lending platform that creates value over the long run. It intends to leverage on its uniqueness, speed, and sustainability to offer users a better experience.

The platform will not offer interest in USD but will instead use Stellar as its interest payment method. This move is intended to make the platform more user-friendly since Stellar attracts low fees and allows for fast transactions times.

Platonius will distribute its PLAT tokens during its ICO sale which will be sold at a pre-determined price. The value of the tokens is projected to increase during their trip through space. The price of PLAT will not be manipulated. Members have the freedom to do as they please with their tokens.

The platform will not have an internal exchange and will instead launch on an external exchange at a higher price to reach much more volume.

How Platonius Cryptocurrency Lending Platform Works

The platform offers lending services. The process will be fully manual as ERC20 tokens cannot be automatically loaned out. Follow the following steps to begin lending:

  • Fill in all required details on the dashboard.
  • Send your PLAT tokens to the unique address link generated.
  • Once the lending package is received and activated, you will receive your daily interest automatically.

If the current trading price for PLAT is set at $5, and you are planning to loan 1,000 PLAT tokens, then your total lending package will amount to $5,000 (5*1000).

Each day, you will get 0.25% of $5,000. This will translate to a daily interest rate of $12.50.

If Stellar is worth $0.50, you will receive 25 stellar. However, if Stellar rises to $1 worth the next day, you will earn 12.5 stellar.

The platform can pay a fixed interest of 0.25% each day by doing the following:

  • ICO Investing – together with its advisors, team members and platform members, larger amounts of money will be invested in upcoming ICOs that have a more substantial profit margin.
  • Trade Signals – the platforms trade advisors will give expert advice to enable them to make investments in the most profitable trades.
  • Pump Signals – They will be used to drive the price of a coin up by -+100 %. This will be used to gain profit, which allows us the platform to pay members interest.

Platonius Advantages

  • Low transaction fees
  • Fixed interest
  • Driven by Stellar
  • No manipulation
  • External exchange only
  • Buy-back program
  • Driven by Ethereum Blockchain

Platonius PLAT Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Type – Ethereum / ERC20
  • Token Symbol – PLAT
  • Decimals – 18
  • Total Supply of Tokens – 5,000

ICO And Crowdsale

  • Private Sale Supply – 500,000 PLAT Tokens
  • Crowdsale Supply – 3,250,000 PLAT Tokens
  • Bounty Supply – 250,000 PLAT Tokens
  • Reserve Supply – 500,000 PLAT Tokens
  • Airdrop / Giveaway Supply – 500,000 Tokens

Token Prices

  • Private Sale (Sold Out) – $0.75
  • Crowdsale (July 1st 2018) – $1
  • Expected Price January 2019 – $5
  • Expected Price July 2019 – $25
  • Expected Price January 2020 – $100

Allocation Of Funds

  • Private Sale – 15%
  • Crowd Sale – 40%
  • Reserve – 10%
  • Team Service – 10%
  • Bounty – 15%
  • Airdrops 10%

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