Playbunk ICO (BUNK Token) Review: Blockchain Video Game Platform?

What Is PlayBunk?

The system is a new decentralized game distribution platform that was developed to empower the video gamer and their community members to help promote lesser known game developers and publishers. They are bringing gamers and blockchain gamers together on one platform.

How PlayBunk Blockchain Video Game Platform Works

When it comes to PlayBunk, the gamers are able to enjoy a whole variety of content that is only accessible through the platform, doing so without having to worry about any costs whatsoever. The main focus is on making games accessible to the community and being 100% dedicated to equipping to the next generation of developers and players with the proper avenue need to collaborate with other gamers and developers who want to make games and get them noticed. They are also one of the first platforms to accommodate a global interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as well.

They’ve been featured in several different publications online like ICO Alert, TheTokener, BestCoins, FoundICO and ICOHolder. The platform offers a wide range of diverse games, a breakthrough marketplace, tournaments for everyone and in a unified form, plus designer incentives.

When it comes to gamers, they’ll be able to access the quality of games on a p2p based network. Transactions are guaranteed to happen fairly in the user marketplace, with benefits being accrued from the custom content creation as well as participants ability to compete in tournaments with lower barriers required to gain entry.

Developers on the platform will be able to collaborate, create and truly embrace the freedom that comes from operating on a decentralized network of freelancers, especially with the creative freedom like never before seen in an environment like this. They will also be able to enjoy a profit of 96% on each and every game sale they make, also to better discover an algorithm as well as target the ads system to search for their specific titles. And lastly, there is the full accommodating space for games developed on the blockchain network.

PlayBunk BUNK Token ICO Details

The BUNK Token, based on the ERC-20 token, standard and fully supported by Ethereum. It is a platform that has the potential to boost and maximize the potential for becoming one of the most powerful decentralized gaming platforms in the world. The token also has a wide range of uses, mainly to incentivize the system so it is more attractive to developers and gamers who want to take part in the system.

Who Is Behind PlayBunk?

The team at Play Bunk consist of more than ten individuals in the gaming sector. Many of whom are also specialists in blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency. If you’re looking for a truly great platform for anyone who loves to game and has a lot of experience in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, then Play Bunk is for you.

PlayBunk Conclusion

The system operates on a decentralized network, one that is ideal for gamers and developers alike. It’s completely transparent and can be used to find games and distribute them as well. The best thing you can do if you want to learn more about how the system operates is head to and see why so many people are choosing to use the platform to distribute their games to the public.

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