What Is Playrs?

Playrs is introducing a new and innovative analysis mechanism that will revolutionize how games are looked at. The various analysis tools for players will be used in every segment of the sports sector. Fans will not just be passive viewers; they will now contribute to the valuation process by giving their input.

Playrs Index will create a real-time valuation that is based on the four indicators of Finance, Performance, Fame, and Real-time in-game reporting by contributors who will follow the stars they love. The player’s value will be determined by these four criteria in an attempt to set a cap on spending for players.

How Playrs Real Time Soccer Player Evaluations Works

Playrs is a platform that was created by people who believe the sports sector is ripe for a revolution. As for price discovery experts, they want to introduce a new way to perfect real-time valuation of the players while expanding the scope of in-game and off-pitch data offered to all segments of the football industry. The end goal is to make the sports industry as transparent as possible.

Playrs’ is focusing on the football industry first where they believe there are problems and lack of transparency on the real-time valuation of players. After, they will go into cricket, baseball, American football, and tennis.

The model they have is to use an algorithm that accommodates popular sports. Developers of this platform find it fit that the community is involved in the determining how players are valued. It will feature an Index, which will be the main tool and it will use big data to create real-time valuation. It will have data on all aspects of players such as performance, finance, and fame. Additionally, they will introduce another element in order to achieve an optimal player analysis system.

Using the knowledge and strength of football experts, the Playrs index will gain another layer of efficacy by adding real-time in-game reporting to the algorithm. The developers want to ensure the blockchain comes to the sports industry. Through it, they will offer a tool that can contribute to player valuation. By democratizing the process, the era when only clubs could ascertain the value of players will end.

Being prices discovery experts, the Playrs team has a commitment to introducing a new way to perfect real-time valuation of the players. To do this, they will use revolutionary methods that rely on the contribution of football experts globally.

Playrs PLAYR Token & ICO Details

The PLAYR token will power this platform’s community engagement. All activity on the blockchain will rely on the PLAYR tokens. They can be used for voting real-time play calling and much more. Member of the community will have a chance to collect the tokens by watching games, calling plays, and giving input on the progress of players.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Pre-ICO: May 7, 2018 – June 3, 2018
  • ICO period: June 11, 2018 – July 22, 2018
  • Tokens for Sale: 100,000,000 PLAY
  • Price: 1 PLAY = 1 USD
  • Bonus structure
  • Pre-ICO: 35%
  • ICO period
  • Day 1: 25%
  • Day 2: 24%
  • 1% every day until the end of the ICO

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