Playtness is a platform that combines real workout with gamification and blockchain technology with the aim of tokenizing the fitness world. It’s one of the first decentralized blockchain fitness ecosystem that has been gamified and offers incentives to its users in order to prevent them from abandoning gyms and improve their perseverance.

Transaction on the platform is through the Playtness tokens (PT). The tokens can be used to purchase products and services on the platform such as gym memberships and personal training sessions. It also seeks to introduce cryptocurrency to the mass market by generating new users of the platform.

About Playtness ICO

The Playtness has an Alliance Platform that enables the viewing of data analytics on trainees’ usage patterns and preferences. It connects all the members of the fitness ecosystem. The Playtness Alliance Platform consists of four modules: Stigo Game, Playtness Mobile App, Personal Trainer Management System (PTMS), and Gym Tournaments Management System (GTMS), which connect between the different participants

Stigo game

This interactive avatar game aims at boosting the motivation of the trainees in a way that is engaging and addictive in order to get in shape while at the same time earning instant rewards.

The game will provide training guidance that is accurate and personalized through assessment of a user’s profile. Users could also share their fitness journeys with other users.

The game integrates machine learning and unity engine technology among many others to make it more efficient.

The Playtness Mobile App

This mobile application aims at ensuring that the users experience on the fitness ecosystem is pleasant. The app engages it users in motivational assignments, which will earn them rewards once completed. It also encourages it user to maintain healthier lifestyles in order to achieve their fitness goals.

Personal Trainer Management System

This is a system whereby personal trainers could develop their brands through adverts and testimonials find more clients or even shop for supplies that they will use during their training sessions using the Playtness Mobile App. The system allows the trainers to integrate their custom workout regimes for their trainees into the Stigo game.

Gym Tournaments Management System

This online website and mobile application allows gyms to create in-house fitness tournaments, which result in increased retention rate of members while at the same time promoting the gym’s brand through adverts in the Stigo game and The Playtness Mobile App. The gym will also earn additional revenue in form of PT tokens.

Benefits Of Playtness

  • Safe, secure, and less costly transaction –The blockchain basis of the platform ensures that all the payments that are made through it are safe and secure while keeping the transaction fees at a minimum in order to encourage the members to transact using the PT tokens.
  • Personalized fitness programs – Through techniques and technologies integrated into the Playtness systems such as machine learning, trainers can come up with customized fitness programs that will help users reach their fitness goals.
  • Motivation – Through playing to the Stigo game, users can earn incentives as they work out. This can serve as a motivation to work out more and become fit and healthier in the end.
  • Redeemable PT tokens –The tokens that the trainees have been rewarded can be redeemed for actual products and services on the platform.

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