Today we will review a very fishy site that promises a lot of money to the people who join it: Plenty of Bitcoins. This is a cryptocurrency site based on Argentina that has a group of people who want “insane results” in the Bitcoin market.

The vague promises of wealth always set our radar for scams on, so let’s see what this is all about.

What Is Plenty Of Bitcoins?

Plenty of Bitcoins is cryptocurrency site that will let you use a software that has 99.4% accuracy if you be a part of it. It is supposed to be the most accurate site in the world. The argument of the company is that their software is “0.01 seconds ahead of the markets” so it is able to predict their results and “if you know anything about trading” you will know that this is a “huge deal”.

The company also states that the software has won many awards and that it has the #1 prize in the “trading software category” of the US Trading Association.

How To Use Plenty Of Bitcoins?

To use this program, you have to fill out the registration form that you can find on the site with your personal information. The software is 100% free. Only people from Argentina can join, though.

To use the software, you have to deposit at least $250 USD on it to use as “working capital”. Finally, you can start using the software to automatically trade Bitcoins and become rich… or at least that is what the company wants you to believe.

plenty of coins

Is Plenty Of Bitcoins A Scam?

We are 100% sure that Plenty of Bitcoins is a scam. Why would someone let you use the best trading software in the world for free? It does not make any sense. Also, the site is very uninformative and badly made.

Another important point is that Plenty of Bitcoins tells you some unbelievable story about the software. No software in the world wins 99.4% of the time and the part about 0.01 seconds is laughable, specially the part that affirms that the people who understand trading know that it is a “huge deal”. If you understand about trading, you know that it is a lie.

The scam is so low-effort that it states that only people from Argentina can use the program but its testimonials are all from the United States.

The Plenty Of Bitcoins Verdict

We hope that we have made it crystal clear that you should not be using Plenty of Bitcoins. While its promises might sound attractive, it is easy to see that they are all lies. Because of this, you should either learn how to trade cryptocurrency for yourself or look for better tools to help you.

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