What Is Plenus Coin?

The Plenus Token is a new platform that is recently in development and the ICO has started. You can purchase tokens on the company website and it should be noted that the pre-sale is officially over.

Plenus Coin Derisking Crypto Portfolios Objectives

The website is poorly put together, you can’t even shrink the screen down without content going all over the place. Regardless, they have some points they make on the website that we can cover about what their objectives are:

The main goal is to spread the risk associated with one token throughout several different cryptocurrencies. They call it the all for one token. And not only that, but they also are using the Markowitz model for constructing portfolios considered to be efficient with different currencies, so the risk is spread and not isolated. They are using this strategy to reduce the risks while at the same time reducing the gains.

The token is said to be transparent at all times. And with their post ICO infrastructure you are apparently going to see Plenus run in a completely efficient manner. They will also be offering a platform that is promised to give instant value to the users by the way of an intrinsic value based on different cryptocurrency holdings. The platform effectively eliminates the transactional costs of trading and exchanging different cryptocurrencies that guarantee diversification.

The key behind the platform is said to be transparency. They are looking to be independently audited as well. They are really focused on the diversification of your cryptocurrency portfolio to help reduce the risk that happens when investing.

They are going to attempt to do this by spreading your investment across multiple altcoins which could be dangerous. They haven’t disclosed what coins they will be using yet. But the purpose is to lower the risk that is traditionally associated with asset holdings. It’s not a fund or an investment vehicle. This is a platform that is designed to help you as a tool that will protect your money.

Plenus Coin PLNS ICO Details

The ICO starts in a little less than two months or sixty days. There are some important steps to purchase any of the tokens from Plenus. You have to use a metamask extension by using a Firefox extension that is available on the website. Once you download and install the extension, you can register after agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Who Is Behind Plenus Coin?

At this point there is no discloser as to who is behind the company. Without more insights into the team and developers, it’s hard to say how the platform will run. Hopefully Plenus will release more information on the team soon.

Plenus Coin Conclusion

This is a basic investment tool to help you spread your assets around for the purpose of safety. As to whether or not it will truly work, has not been seen yet. Let’s keep an eye on the platform and maybe they’ll tell us who is running the show.

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