Plutus lets you tap and pay with crypto anywhere in the world. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Plutus?

Plutus, found online at, consists of a mobile app and a debit card. You can top up your debit card using the Plutus app, then spend digital currencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and Pluton anywhere in the world where VISA or MasterCard are accepted.

In exchange for using your Plutus card, you’ll earn loyalty rewards in the form of Pluton coins (PLU). You can earn up to 3% rewards in Pluton coins every time you charge your debit card with BTC or ETH.

Plutus is also linked with a decentralized exchange, or DEX, where you can connect directly with Plutus users who wish to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and Plutons.

Any NFC-enabled terminal worldwide will accept your Plutus card. You can also use your card at online retailers.

How Does Plutus Work?

Plutus official token is PLU and it works in a similar way to other payment providers. Here’s the basic process you’ll use to top up and start spending with Plutus:

Step 1) Download the Plutus Tap & Pay app

Step 2) Use the app to order a prepaid cryptocurrency card for free

Step 3) Top up your balance, then start earning Pluton every time you top u your balance with BTC or ETH

Step 4) Pay with your card or phone anywhere in the world that accepts contactless cards

You can also purchase Pluton, bitcoin, and Ethereum directly through the Plutus app with 0% fees. Plutus has a decentralized exchange where you can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies.

You can fund your Plutus decentralized exchange (DEX) account using GBP or EUR. You make a deposit, then create a buy order to purchase ETH, BTC, or PLU. The decentralized exchange will connect you with Plutus Tap & Pay users who are willing to sell these cryptocurrencies.

Plutus’s DEX does not hold your cryptocurrency at any time. You provide an address of your own choice where your received cryptocurrencies can be deposited.

How Do Pluton Coins Work?

The Plutus ecosystem works with BTC and ETH. There’s also a third digital currency called Pluton, which is used as part of the Plutus rewards and loyalty points system.

Pluton is a decentralized ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Using Pluton tokens, you can enjoy high-priority transactions with zero fees across the Plutus platform.

The main way to earn Pluton coins is through free rewards. You’ll receive a free reward of up to 3% in Pluton every time you charge your balance with bitcoin or Ethereum.

Who’s Behind Plutus?

Plutus was created by a London, UK-based company called Block Code Ltd. That company is listed under company number 09674279.

Plutus Fees

Plutus makes a big deal out of the fact that users can purchase bitcoin and Ethereum from the decentralized exchange with 0% fees. You can also deposit money onto your card or into your Plutus DEX account (GBP and EUR) with 0% fees.

However, currency conversions will be charged a fee. Bitcoin conversion has a fee of between 1 to 4%, for example (Plutus lists this fee as “to be decided” in its whitepaper). That fee will be deducted from the user’s fiat deposit balance before the money is released to the vendor.

“There are no other fees for using the app and no fee to deposit Plutons on the app obtained from another user externally,” explains the Plutus whitepaper. “Plutus pays all transaction costs associated with using the Ethereum network.”

Merchants that accept Plutus cards, meanwhile, will pay their normal debit card payment processing fees.


Plutus is a straightforward cryptocurrency payment platform that allows you to download an app, order a debit card, then load that debit card with bitcoin, Ethereum, or native Pluton tokens. You’ll receive loyalty points in the form of Pluton tokens every time you load your debit card with bitcoin or Ethereum. Then, you can start spending your cryptocurrency funds in the real world. Your Plutus card will work anywhere that accepts contactless cards.

To learn more about Plutus or to download the app for yourself today, visit online at

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