There are now hundreds of different initial coin offerings on the market today. These initial coin offerings are spread over an extremely broad range of quality- while there are some good ICOs, and even more rarely, some truly excellent ones- many of the ICOs that exist today are purely cynical exercises that attempt to capitalize on the ICO market before regulation catches up.

ICOs fail for many different reasons. Some ICOs fail because they are a truly bad idea, and attempt to decentralize industries or markets that are simply too small to support them. Others fail due to a failure to communicate their core concept clearly, while others fail because there’s simply no need to tokenize the service or product they offer.

Some ICOs fail, however, due to a lack of marketing, or poorly optimized marketing efforts. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for quality ICOs to separate themselves from the noise in the ICO marketplace today, and thus many promising ICOs fail to launch as they are swept aside by a flood of low-quality offerings.

There are a number of initial coin offerings that are attempting to create a comprehensive ecosystem for initial coin offerings, and a number of platform that already exist for this purpose, such as Waves. A new platform, however, is aiming to launch an initial coin offering in order to build a service that will help users build, launch, and market new initial coin offerings.

We’re not sure whether the already saturated ICO ecosystem needs yet another platform that makes it even easier to launch an ICO. Nevertheless, in this article we’ll be taking a look at the upcoming PM7 ICO Booster initial coin offering and examining what it offers to help you determine whether you want to support it or not.

What Is PM7?

PM7 claims to be a decentralized innovative affiliate marketing platform that will “radically challenge the advertising world for online and offline projects”. The core concept of the PM7 platform is the reduction of distance between ICO creators and their customers or investors, eliminating third party entities such as advertising agencies, marketing firms, and PR agencies.

Ultimately, the PM7 platform intends to apply multi level marketing methodologies to the promotion of initial coin offerings. It’s up to you whether you believe this is good or bad for the initial coin offering marketplace as a whole, but it’s virtually guaranteed that the success of the PM7 platform would bring to life many ICO projects that would fail otherwise.

How PM7 Works

PM7 intends to offer core functionality that allows users to place their ICO in a catalog that is available via a smartphone app and website. Potential investors will then use “PM7 Token”- the native currency of the PM7 platform- to invest in these ICOs. PM7 presents no clear benefit to using PM7 Token to invest in these ICOs instead of using whatever crypto the ICO itself accepts as payment methods.

The PM7 platform also delivers variable commissions to platform participants. PM7 platform users receive bonuses in the form of PM7 Token for referring users, while project owners receive income from distributing their ICO.

Ultimately, PM7 doesn’t offer much in the way of innovation, and is essentially a clone of Waves without the ease of use and an extra addition of multi level marketing practices.

PM7 ICO Booster Verdict

Ultimately, the PM7 platform is nothing more than yet another multi level marketing platform. Initial coin offerings, in our opinion, should rise in popularity and success based on innovation, not based on artificial MLM exposure. If you’re still interested in getting on board with the PM7 ICO, it goes live on the 17th of December 2017.

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