Procaga is a new casino platform online that is based around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. If you’re the type of person who likes to gamble, Procaga may be for you. The ICO is in the works right now, but before investing – let’s take a look at it in a little more depth.

Procaga ICO has already started in ICO with a price of $0.70. It’s a good starting price that most people will want to start at, and it’s likely to go up. But it’s too early to tell how well Procaga will do until they’ve gone into operation for a little while.


It’s an online casino system that gives the same type of games as you would find in an actual casino in real life. But the thing about Pocaga, is it can operate on a worldwide scale. The user gains access to the system then purchases PCG (Their Token), and uses them to play various games. When they win, they can withdraw money from the exchange of Pocaga. They’re said to be one of the best online gaming environments and casino ecosystems there is.

How Does POCAGA Online Casino Gambling Coin Work?

The system works like any other cryptocurrency based platform, they use tokens to run the platform. There is an unreal amount of cyptocurrency companies starting with communities coming up all over the place. In only two years for example, Bitcoin skyrocketed more than 1000% with over a 1000 different coin being released in ICO. There are new ICOs starting all the time as the cryptocurrency market grows and expands. When it comes to crypto casinos, everything from online poker to blackjack can be played, as can daily sports and it’s projected that the market for crypto will hit $495 billion by 2019.

The launch of Pocaga could be a solution that gives casinos the ability to accept payments in cryptocurrency. Along with that, Pocaga also offers a platform where game programmers and the original casions can work together with APIs and integrate new systems designed to target millions of gamers on a worldwide scale. Entire ecosystems could develop and unfold in order to meet the needs of the gamers and developers.


The ICO has a total of 70,000,000 coins and they will sell through from January 22nd to the 10th of April 2018. At round one they will be sold for $0.70 each, going up to $1.0 on round two and $1.5 on round three. They project the coins will grow to around $30 after the launch of the system. This isn’t necessarily an accurate projection. And one thing to mention, there’s no telling who exactly is behind the system. That means you should be careful when dealing with them as there appears to be a lot of anonymity.

They will create monthly loyalty programs and spend up to 50% of the income to pay for the tokens. Its’ a worthy and valuable award, according to the founders of the platform. Each of the user’s loyalty rewards also depends on only the amount of a specific transaction that he or she has contributed for Pocaga services.

There are different levels of ownership as well. The highest is the diamond in which a user has 10,000 or more PCG tokens in their possession. The second is the Gold level at which a user has at least 2,000 tokens and the third is the silver where they only need to own 100 tokens.

How To Get POCAGA PCG Tokens

The first step is to register at the website. Then you can go the wallet and deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum. After that, you buy the tokens through the PCG ICO. It’s that simple, but I’m going to advise against it just yet at there really isn’t a lot of backing on the platform or who created it and if there is even a blockchain in operation. It would be wise to see the full disclosure of the blockchain prior to investing with the company.

They claim that 50% of the profits will be used to give thanks to the PCG token holders and the most actively playing users through the distribution of the tokens through a monthly fund developed for loyalty. The problem with all of this is there isn’t really any inclination as to what the gaming system will provide. Like many shady endeavors, it’s primarily focused on the ICO and the token holders staking the coin. Also, there is an affiliate system in place that is being pushed as well. It’s a bad sign by many people’s standards for a crypto company to be so focused on everything except the platform during the ICO.

They claim there are several benefits for token holders as during the ICO the minimum purchase is 50 tokens. For the traders they will be rewarded with the price changes. Brokers will get a decent percentage from the community and the players will make money from the value when they win while gambling. Investors are said to benefit from the millions of transactions that are said to take place on a constant basis because of the gaming environment. The affiliate program pays out 15% commission for every successful referral to the company.

POCAGA Conclusion

The platform is still very early in development and a lot of promises they are making are not exactly backed by any proof. Also, since they are so actively promoting everything except the system itself, it brings up question. As of now, there are dozens of scams happening on a daily basis. And for Pocaga to truly show that they’re a platform to be trusted, they need to divulge a little more information. The more transparent a company, the more likely it is that you can trust it. It’s in my best recommendation to be careful before investing too much into Pocaga if any at all. Instead, invest in a solid platform and wait to see how the Pocaga development pans out over the next few months.

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  1. No one cares the scams are scaring the non techie population. Buying anything other then the top three coins will guarantee losing your money. How many hundreds are out there now?


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