Bitcoin is the world’s most used form of cryptocurrency. The net market cap of bitcoin is approximated at 9.1 billion US dollars. The bitcoin was the second largest invention of the digital age after the internet itself. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, so you can buy it and sell it using your local currency. This is no different than trading in different fiat currencies. PoketBits is a company that provides the users with a platform in which they can trade bitcoins. It is a site that has been built for both institutions based on bitcoin as well as trading professionals.

The company is under the operation of Defacto Technologies. The platform acts as a digital wallet for bitcoin where the buyers and sellers can transact with cryptocurrencies. The website is not limited to bitcoin as one can transact with other forms of cryptocurrency as well, such as Ether.

PocketBits Speed And Security

The design of the company is based on the security of the traders and the speed of trading. The company has an aim of making the trading of cryptocurrency to be as safe as possible without making a single compromise to the speed of interacting. To improve on the speed of transactions, the crypto coins are sent to the buyer as soon as the buyer finalizes making his payment. If you are the seller of the said currency, the money paid by the buyer is transferred into your account as soon as the payment is concluded.

The system is based on a multi-level account basis. This means the more you trade, the more you climb in rank in the system. You move from a novice trader to an institutional trader.

Why PocketBits Are Needed

The company places the heaviest emphasis on the safety of the user accounts. They have taken steps to ensure the account is as secure as possible, as well as ensuring that the currency is as safe as possible. The company also has a profound compliance with the legal system. This ensures that all your transactions done in the system are all legal. On top of everything, the company strives to get the trust of the users.


The largest downside of any cryptocurrency trading platform is the negative publicity that surrounds them. This is due to all the cons and schemes that have been conducted in the name of bitcoin.

PocketBits Benefits

All the transactions are as secure as possible while retaining a high level of speed for the transactions.

PocketBits Conclusion

If you are looking for a website that specializes in the trading of bitcoins, you should definitely consider PocketBits. The transactions are fast and are very secure.

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  1. pocketbits Very slow on updating trends and prices. Here the prices fall and still pockebits shows it as high and falls a little jist when the other market starts to rise.


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