PocketCon looks to eliminate the fandom experience shortcoming by creating an open platform with the capability to provide users with an equal chance to compete and become the best content creator based on their fans' experience. Let's find out if it genuinely meets the expectations of an excellent solution for content creators and consumers

What Is PocketCon?

PocketCon is a blockchain-based content platform that aims to bring together creators and consumers in a conventional structure for multi-level interactivity. PocketCon initiative is the first of its kind to combine a marketplace, community and virtual interaction elements in a mobile format for the pop-culture sector and fans.

The PocketCon Blockchain Digital Marketplace Ecosystem

PocketCon will encompass a unique ecosystem for entertain enthusiasts, content creators, fans, and consumers. The PocketCon ecosystem will bear the following features:


The PocketCon Marketplace is the decentralized portal through which users can sell their digital content and earn income. Users can also place requests for particular content creators within the general platform.

PocketCon Community

Within the ecosystem, there is a community structure that matches the artists and content creators to their relevant fans and enthusiasts. The architecture will give artists and users booths, content sharing portals and discussion forums to talk about content ideas.

PocketCon Entertainment

The Entertainment portal gives users the chance to interact through games and events by using their avatars.

PocketCon POC Token ICO Details

Pocket Coin (POC) is PocketCon's native currency that is used as a utility token to present economic possibilities for the artists or enhance it as an in-game currency to trade or convert on the platform. The blockchain-based money will also fuel transactions, making them readily transparent for future reference.

Private Sale

  • 1st Stage Dates- 8 May 2018 till July 8, 2018
  • 2nd Stage Dates- 15 July 2018 till August 20, 2018 & Price- 1 ETH= 12,000 POC
  • IEO Date– 19 August 2018 till 31 December 2018 & Price- 1 ETH= 6000 POC

PocketCon token details

  • Token ticker- POC
  • Platform- Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Token price- 1 POC= $0.1
  • Accepts- ETH, BTC, USD
  • Token supply- 1,000,000 POC
  • Hard cap- $25 million
  • Soft cap- $3 million


  • Private sale and IEO- 30%
  • Reward tokens to creators and artists- 50%
  • Reward tokens to users- 20%

PocketCon Benefits

  • The PocketCon project is the product of team members from GAIA, which is an already established fan community platform with over 20 million users.
  • The PocketCon marketplace supports all kinds of pre-made content, donations, and special request making it a live economy.
  • The gamification of interactions and highly visual interface makes PocketCon accessible and interactive for new users.
  • All transactions within PocketCon operate on the blockchain, and this implies an advanced level of security and stability which add new trust for the users.
  • PocketCon also aims to solve the crucial challenges when the saturated digital content market by giving content creators the necessary power over their content.
  • PocketCon provides users with plenty of subjects and crafts, and this personally engages all kinds of content creators.

PocketCon Conclusion

Although in a slightly saturated market, the PocketCon venture is different since it potentially has the backing of an established fan community in the form of GAIA. Despite this, there is still plenty necessary to be done before the venture can make a name for itself in the sector.

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